iCloud Sync not working with iTunes Match and/or iOS 7

Djay for Mac and Djay for iPad not syncing cue points.

I have purchased Djay for Mac on the App Store and Djay for iPad. I am attempting to sync cue point with no success.

  • Both devices are on the same wifi connections.
  • iCould - Documents & Data are turned on both my iMac and iPad

I set a cue point on my iPad and close the app. Opened Djay for Mac and loaded the same song. No cue points were sync.

Am I missing a step?

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Syncing iTunes wiped all my cue points.

I have been using djay on my iPad on iOS7 and have attempted to fully switch over to this software. I have invested a lot of time putting cue points on my songs. I just loaded up another batch of new music from iTunes onto my iPad and as a result all my cue points are gone.

I have iTunes Match, but I am not using it on my iPad. I have it on my Mac, and then select the playlists there to load directly onto my iPad.

On my iPad, I have all the steps in http://help.algoriddim.com/customer/p…
already done prior to this, and have the “Share Songs Settings” enabled on my iPad as well.

Having lost my cues points once is a drag, but I am obviously more concerned about it happening the next time I sync and the next and the next. Please let me know how to get around this.

Djay for Mac (bought from App store) + Djay 2 for iPad here… iCloud enabled in the iPad settings as well as in the app. No iTunes Match, I sync my songs directly from my Mac to my iPad. No cuepoint syncing – this is a huge problem for me. Help!

What if it is the same iPad, I purchased Djay 2, and all my cue points are set on Djay 1 on the same iPad, what would be the solution here?

Thanks in advance

loyal Djay user :slight_smile:

BTW i don’t use itunes match?

Are you using iTunes Match?

Do you have the Mac App Store version of djay for Mac?

There is currently a known issue with iTunes Match and iCloud syncing. Our developers are aware of this.

At the moment, the data can only be synced if the iPad/iPhone is synced to the same iTunes Library.

UPDATE: djay for Mac (v 4.2.2) has now been updated as well. So, if you still have cue points on your Mac, then you can also perform the steps on your Mac to retrieve your data.

The iCloud sync issue on iOS 7 and with iTunes Match should now be fixed with djay for iOS 2.2.

However, you should probably know how the fix works:

  • When you load a song with existing cue points, djay then creates an entry with a new ID, which is then the same on ALL djay/vjay apps with the latest update
  • This means that you unfortunately have to load each song with cue points to make sure that the data gets updated with the new ID.
  • Of course, you can also “re-do” all cue points, but now, it shouldn’t be gone after re-syncing songs

The fix is mainly for djay on iOS 7.

The fix only works if the cue points are still available thru the “old” iTunes Persistent ID. If you’ve already re-synced your songs after updating to iOS 7, then chances are high that you’re cue points are lost.

Please try installing the latest version (djay 2.2) and if you’re lucky and the songs still have the same iTunes Persistent ID, the fix can update your data.

Hi Kasper,

Please also take a look at this article about losing BPM data after syncing:

Shame, this iTunes match issue has been know since iCloud syncing of cue points was introduced in Djay 1 (pretty long) Guess we’ll never see a solution for iTunes Match users since it ain’t even fixed in Djay 2 :frowning:

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IOS 7 upgrade removed my bpm and cue points from tracks in Djay2.

I updated to IOS 7 yesterday and it resulted in me losing all of my bpm and cue points data from my tracks in my library. i have in excess of 12,000 tracks. I am not happy

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Djay 2 Not Backing Data Up To iCloud.

Hello, I’ve noticed that djay 2 isn’t backing any BPM, cue point info to iCloud. I have I cloud enabled, running a iPad 2 on the latest OS running the latest version of djay 2. I’ve had to re analyze my entire music library 4 times now (5000 songs) and I’ve lost all my cue point data…

I also have iTunes Match. In addition to the iOS versions not syncing cue points across iOS devices, it’s also not syncing between iOS to Mac and from Mac to Mac.

Does anyone know if there’s a preference file for the cues that I could just send to my new Mac to overcome this problem?

I checked the settings in iOS, but that didn’t solve my problem from Mac to Mac.

Thanks, Fred. Sadly there aren’t the two options on a Mac like in iOS. But thanks again for your help!

I have exactly the same problem. Did the same procedure you did with the same result. It’s so annoying!

No, I don’t.