IDJ-Pro viewing the song titles

Wanted to know if anyone is have the same issue when trying to load the songs from their Ipad. How do I widen the columns from the playlists when loading a new track. the column are so narrow, cant seem to read the entire song name. This maybe a simple enough answer.

it’s a good idea.please do it!

what a poor justification!! we buy your product , and we are making sugestions to improve your product. we want something about the library…any modification is suficiently to make the choice of music in library more intuitive…
please do something quickly…

thanks, but after the emloyer’s answer, i think they will go to do something about this…best regards…

Hi David,

This is currently not possible. I’ll change your question into an “idea”.

Hey everyone,

We’re monitoring the forum closely, so whenever you post something here, it’s the same as if you emailed us directly.

I’m afraid there’s a slight misunderstanding here. There are quite a few suggestions on how to address the issue with the song titles. Some want a pop-over, some want adjustable columns, some want completely configurable library. The bottom line is that there is no consensus yet regarding this.

However, as already mentioned, we are already working on improving the library. We’ll be sure to keep this problem in mind.


We’re proud to present djay 2. We’ve completely redesigned the library including new features like “Instant Preview”. We’ve also kept in mind to enlarge the area for song titles. Hope you like it.

I have the exact same issue! I’d like to see if I’m playing a clean or dirty track or which remix I’m playing but I can’t see it.


Ok, we need this done ASAP Algoriddim!!!

Honestly, being able to change widths yourself will make things complicated and it’s unnecessary. Just give us a wider song and artist column and we’ll shut up.

Yep !!! Please make an option to configure tracklist view on IDJPRO !!!
Since this problem… two update… but nothing !!!

You’d like Djay & IdjPro being professionnal so … PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE !!!



What !!! not enough users !!! Bomboclate !!!

No misunderstanding here !!! People have enough !
"Algoriddim said numerous times that it is not a priority item for them because not enough users are requesting the fix "

so users are here now…

Not fixing this is like wiping before you poop, it doesn’t make sense, it is a basic request, were not asking for anything that every other DJ software in the App store can’t do already.

Pourrait-on rajouter la colonne trier classement des titres (par étoiles *****) dans la plat liste ?

the same problem here, also would like to see the album name. I play a lot of reggae/dancehall and need to see the album column in order to know what riddim i’m playing.

That’s bull…I too use the idj pro and having the same concern. If there were only one user as a customer you should take the time out to make this a fix

That’s bull…I too use the idj pro and having the same concern. If there were only one user as a customer you should take the time out to make this a fix. At least make the first attempt at it…