IdJay2 waveform scrolling

Hiya since updating the software, the waveform scrolling is no longer nice and smooth and even both sides when synch. theres a lag. the sound is synched and smooth, but not the waveform. its unnerving.
what do you know?
I have also loaded idjay pro at the same time. the wave form on there is nice and smooth.
So is it the idjay2 update, or the idjay pro being added?

i have a big saturday and this better not let me down.

Stephen, imagine how us user of DJPro for Mac feel… we have bugs and not a fix in site… !

Be glad they are doing updates on your program! Ours is dead in the water!

Yep the waveform scrolling is not fluid !!!

Same scrolling problem on Djay Pro !!!

i have tried all the rebooting of everything etc

when did yours appear?
After the ipad update or the Idjay2 update?

a fix coming in a few days apparently hoorah!

Lukas, how about a date for the new update?
Its party season and people need to know what they are dealing with

What does not work with pro?

Last update is bad dream !!! I purchased new Pro version as many other djay 2 users and the result is two useless apps. I do not have old version backup. Please Allgoriddim employees - fix it !!! Is Christmas Parties time and we can’t use your full of bugs apps now.

Unfortunately last update doesn’t solve this problem. On djay 2 for iPad v2.8.1 is some little progress, but still waveform glitches. On djay pro for iPad v1.0.1 is still all the same.

Please return to appstore old Djay 2 for iPad v.2.7.x . We really need have a fully working app now.

Hi guys,

We are already aware of some bugs in the latest update but we’re already working on a fix for these bugs.
There will be another update before christmas!
We’re very sorry for the inconvenience and kindly ask for patience in the meantime!
Best regards,

Hey there,

I’m glad to tell you, that the update is now online. Please download it from the App Store and check it out.
We’re very sorry for all the inconveniences caused by the last update.
Don’t hesitate to contact our Support-Team ( if there’s still something wrong with your app.


@MIH: Please reach out to with informations about your device and your operating system, so we can better assist you.

I have been having this problem also, I would like to see it returned to what it was previous.

I am on iPhone so mine occurred after the app was updated to version 2.8.

My waveform scrolling has suddenly started becoming glitchy. Its juddering, and not longer smooth… This is both on Djay 2 and Djay Pro. Please fix asap !

There must be a glitch in the latest update !!!

More than one glitch that’s for sure…
Please revert back to the old version!!
Only improvement I would really like to see is a better filter and eq kills…
Then the app would be absolutely perfect in my eyes