If you have problems mapping your controller, please like this post!!!

The ONLY way they listen to our comments is if there are several people with the same issue. So, if you have problem with midi-mapping, please star or like this post.

Post your controller name. If your LED’s don’t light, post it.

Seriously guys, this is the only way anything gets done around here. The more people with the problem, the more they look at the issue.


Cannot get mixon 4 fully mapped on windows 10. Especially hard are the lights that indicate track position on the platter (kind of critical if you like to scratch). Seeing as how this is kind of their flagship iOs controller, I find it laughable that they couldn’t take the time to make it work properly for the windows version of their software. Not that I’m overly surprised as they never ever got the mapping 100% for the iOs version either.

djay fully supports mapping LEDs for buttons via MIDI in the “Advanced Options” section at the bottom of the MIDI mapping window under “MIDI Out”.

I gather from your other posts that you are talking specifically about Denon controllers. Unfortunately we’re unable to support MIDI Out for these controllers out of the box, as they use completely non-standard MIDI messages for controlling LEDs. I can’t give you a timeline, but we are working on native mappings for Denon controllers including custom code to support their non-standard MIDI specs.

If I may add one friendly request from our end: as most issues only affect specific setups, please always try to provide as much specific information as possible (e.g. affected hardware). This will help us immensely in tracking down and fixing these issues. Thanks!

Scott, every other DJ software compatible with Denon controllers had to add special code to support their custom MIDI specs for LED feedback. As I said, we’re working on it.

You will find that any controller confirming to the official MIDI specs (which is almost all of them) can be mapped with button LED output.

Thanks for your feedback Scott, we do appreciate it. I see you already did this, but just as a reminder: as we get lots of requests, please make sure you also post your requests as separate topics with as much specific information as possible (or +1 / comments to existing ones for the same topic) so we can properly prioritize issues. Thanks!

A couple of frank notes if I may. :slight_smile:

  1. You do indeed speak the loudest, but your posts/requests tend to be scattered and often imprecise, while assuming that everyone else has the same issues/requests as you do. As I said, it helps us immensely to have individual topics per issue, and to have specific information about the issues. We constantly work on improving our apps, but as with any other company our resources are not endless and prioritization is a necessity. Anything that helps to understand and prioritize issues will make it easier/more likely for us to look into a specific issue.

  2. It’s often hard to tell from the outside how easy/hard it is to implement a specific feature.

Even if it might sometimes not be obvious, we do appreciate and value your feedback. Please take the above as my attempt to communicate our side of things for a better mutual understanding.

Here’s just some of the features that we added in djay Pro (apart from Spotify support, which was by far the most requested feature), all of which were much requested here in the forum:

  • 4 deck support
  • vertical & horizontal waveform modes
  • SugarBytes FX packs
  • Sample packs
  • Full-screen media library
  • Inline track preview in the media library
  • Improved Automix
  • Queue persistent across launches
  • Constant power crossfader curve

It’s simply not true that we don’t listen to our community, including our professional users.

And as I said, we’re even working on supporting Denon controllers (MC6000, MC6000MK2, and MC2000 to be precise). :slight_smile:

I think you meant to say “you need”. :wink: All users have different needs and use djay a bit differently. We aggregate feedback from all sources and regularly talk to mobile and club DJs of different genres around the world. This is how we decided on the features listed above, and from the feedback I’ve seen many professional users were very happy about them.

Yes I agree your requests make sense, and hopefully we’ll get to them. I just tried to communicate how a lot of other requests make sense too.

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Rome wasn’t built in a day either. :wink:

Unfortunately I can’t tell you how long it will take to implement your requests, sorry.

Posting an idea in our forum or elsewhere doesn’t “start a timer”, or mean that we will necessarily implement the idea, so I think “it took us X years” to implement something doesn’t say anything. If you look at the Ideas list in this forum you will see hundreds of ideas, and I’m sure most of them you wouldn’t cast your vote for (but others have). At the same time we have implemented hundreds of features and improvements in our product line over the last couple of years, most of them requested by our users. There will always be features that we don’t have (and features that we have but others don’t). We work every day to make djay better, but there are as many opinions as users as to what “better” means.

I’m not trying to dismiss the features you are requesting (and as I said we are e.g. working on native support for Denon controllers), but I guess what I’m asking for is to try to see our work as a whole as a basis for our communication.

It is true that the Mac wasn’t our primary focus for some time. djay Pro is our attempt to rectify this, and it contains the culmination of our work from the past years (both under the hood and on the surface), which gives us the ability to iterate faster across all platforms going forward. We have a lot of stuff in the pipeline for the Mac over the next months, and I hope some of it you will approve of and consider as having made djay “better”. :slight_smile:

I will also say that for various reasons we haven’t taken enough active care of this forum in the past, but we have taken steps to improve this in the near future.

Shall we leave it at that and get back to work? :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s just that the “near future” isn’t there yet. :slight_smile: We’re on it though.

I’m sorry but we generally don’t disclose future release schedules, I hope you understand. Support for Denon controllers is coming in the next update though.

I will ask it again, why do ALL other software companies have no problem mapping these controllers?

You do understand that many of us, who use the Mac version, make a living doing this. When you tell us in your advertisements that controllers are mappable, when they really are not, that is false advertising. We just want to be able to use what we paid for… That’s all.

Did Warren tell you that I even offered to SEND YOU, at my cost, one of my Denon controllers for you to fix the midi code? The other problem is, the problem is now YEARS old. I have been asking for this for well over two years! How is that fair to your customers?

Again, every other software works with the Denon controllers except djay but you continue to blame the controllers for having non-standard midi messages. How is every other dj software able to get it to work.

More of the same…

Well, thank you for working on it…

I know I sound like a pain in the *ss but seriously, I want this software to work.

I mean, how hard is it to add:

  1. When you close the program, it saves your settings
  2. Add a column for bitrate, so we know we are using the highest bitrate track.
  3. And of course, proper midi mapping.

Seriously, when these small things are fixed, i will be the spokesperson for this software…!!! You have my word!

Also, I am GLAD to send you a backup controller if needed. That is how bad we need this. And PLEASE update asap! Been waiting forever, it seems.

Communication goes a LONG way… thank you for letting us/me know.

If you don’t know my requests by now, there is no hope. I speak the loudest on your forum.

My requests are simple…! Just don’t understand why it takes so long to implement such minor things.

Anders, you know my requests, not posting them again. Please, make something happen. It’s been way too long for such simple things.

And if I may…

If you don’t get what I and others are saying after years of posting the same problems, that’s sad. Topics are, more often than not, ignored and never acknowledged. Others post that there is little or NO communication with your users.

And I agree, prioritization is important. But at some point, you have to stop making excuses and do SOMETHING, anything. You find it VERY easy to blame the controller for not being able to midi map but how long have you had this problem? I am very reasonable but waiting YEARS for fixes is not acceptable to your users. You have a problem with a crash when mapping a microphone to the software that has yet to be addressed. We are talking a show stopper crash that hasn’t even been acknowledged!

Again, I have posted my issues and received the canned response from Warren many times. “We don’t comment on future updates or fixes” or “That is something we will add to the idea list”. And then we wait and wait and nothing ever happens. Your upgrade was for Spotify but what about the dj’s who don’t use spotify and would never use it? No upgrades for us? Do you read the posts about what professional dj’s need?

And believe me, it may be hard to implement what I am asking but AT SOME POINT, you have to do SOMETHING. Implement something! I asked Warren nearly a YEAR ago about the bitrate column.

Your users are VERY frustrated at the lack of communication from this company. You may think I am the only one but I have been doing this for 26 years and know a ton of people in the industry and the #1 reason pro dj’s don’t buy your product is that there is NO communication.

My suggestions:

Release updates when you fix something.
Listen to your PROFESSIONAL user who use this to earn a living
Communicate - Change the policy where you don’t say anything about improvements or updates. Take a lesson from VDJ or Serato or Traktor where they POST what they are working on and get feedback from users.

Sad to say but even after saying all this, I will bet that nothing will change. If you are not going to do it right for us professionals, get out of the PRO DJ business and focus on iPad and iPhone toys.

Either do it right, or don’t do it.

I understand Anders. But please know that there is so much more that could be and should be fixed before you implement 4 decks (example)… and let me ask, who do ask (professionals) if these are good ideas or not? Taken from the forum?

Just my opinion but…
Will never use - 4 deck support
Will never use - vertical & horizontal waveform modes
Will never use - SugarBytes FX packs
Will never use - Sample packs
May use - Full-screen media library
Will never use - Inline track preview in the media library
May use - Improved Automix
Will never use - Queue persistent across launches
Okay - Constant power crossfader curve

We need:
better columns (last played, bitrate, etc)
Not having to reset the software each time we open it (save our settings)
Search (search text is much smaller and columns that are not needed to be seen can not be removed.
Controller support (of course)

That is why I wrote “just my opinion”.

The reason I asked is because I have really never seen most of those things asked for on the forum. Not trying to complain but rather just seeing where you get your ideas from.

I won’t bore you with my reasoning. I will leave you with this, if every time you opened your Mac, you had to reconfigure your icons and re-setup your printer and your scanner, how would that make you feel? Every time I open your software, it needs reconfigured.

If you had a choice to use a 320bit track or a 192bit track, which would you prefer to use? I would prefer the 320 but with your software, I have no clue which is which.

I have my fonts enlarged (old age) but when I do a search, the results come up VERY small and with all the columns. I want to see the same size and I want to be able to say that I don’t need to see all of the columns.

Okay, sorry… done. (for now… haha)