If you have problems mapping your controller, please like this post!!!

And for ONCE, I wish you would say… hey, maybe he is right… that IS a better way.

My suggestions are VERY basic, you have to admit that.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, if you can’t or won’t make these enhancements, it’s no problem… just let me know and I will leave. But don’t string me/us along for years like you have done with the other suggestions.

But those requests are two-three years old that you implemented. Seriously, look at the dates.

And honestly, please let me know if I will be waiting two-three years for them to be implemented. Not willing to wait that long. EVERY software out there has those features already, I am just here holding my breath.

Could you imagine where you would be today with your Mac product had you put those features in place two years ago, instead of not releasing anything? Wow… you would be multi-millionaires by now. But hey, what do I know…

Perhaps you should look at what software has come on the market since those features were requested… and what that software can do.

Three years to implement a different waveform display? Three years to incorporate FX packs? Spotify for real dj’s… ? No internet, no Spotify… no pro dj would ever rely on that.

Please tell me you were joking.

Okay, get back to work…

Start by being MUCH more clear to your users. If the features you have or don’t have make the software not usable, then you should tell people that.

How about no new features until the “basics” are fixed?

We have had a week of better communication, something we have not had in two years.

I am hopeful.

Thanks… most hate the fact that I am persistent. (Warren)

“I will also say that for various reasons we haven’t taken enough active care of this forum in the past, but we have taken steps to improve this in the near future.”

Is this still true, because I don’t see posts being answered in 4-5 days…

What we SHOULD also see in the next update:

  1. No crash when analyzing tracks
  2. The software remembers basic things…
    a. default loop (2, 4, 8)
    b. default screen setup (so you don’t have to reset every time you open the program)
    c. default wave form view.

And PLEASE… STOP THIS… “I’m sorry but we generally don’t disclose future release schedules,” No one wants a schedule!

You have to start communicating better. Tell your users WHAT you are working on.

EVERY other software talks about what they are working on, with the understand that nothing is promised.

The BIGGEST problem, by far, with this company is the incredible LACK of communication. It makes no sense. The forums, the facebook page, support.

I posted about my crash on the facebook page and they asked me “where did you post this crash”. They had NO CLUE about the forums!!!

Get with it… it’s 2015, not 1990!

Is there an easy way to assign audio effects instead of sound effects into the sampler on: dj2go2 controller?

I’m running DJay Pro (1.0.26524) on a Windows 10 computer. Using the Pioneer DDJ Ergo - V controller. All seems to work but I cannot configure the headphones to work. I have no sound when I press the ‘Cue’ Headphones buttons. I know I can map manually, but how would I have to configure them? (control name + target + action…)

I have a Denon DN-MC6000, and spent a good 3 hours trying to get the lights to work using the MIDI charts that came with the controller to no avail. Setting the button mapping is also an exercise in patience, which I have yet to complete, but at least it provided some results.

Thanks to people like djmagicmoments, I discovered that ‘simply enabling the “MIDI Out” checkbox’ box ‘simply’ doesn’t work for the MC6000. If it wasn’t for people like him, I’d only have highly paid hype-creating advertising consultants & web-site designers to believe, thus leaving me in an utter state of insanity. Actually, had I spent as much time investigating these forums regarding the MC6000 prior to my purchase as I did attempting to get the controller to work properly with the DJay Pro software, I probably would have at least postponed my purchase, not only for the lack of hardware support from the software, but also, until recently, the long delay from the forum administrators in responding to some customer issues (especially regarding the MC6000 controller), as well as the lack of transparency communicating any type of planning or progress.

Since the controller has been out some years already and is considered one of the top most-versatile and used devices on the market, I understand completely the customer’s frustration when such an issue has been known for quite some time, yet not resolved. I was surprised and disappointed learning this, which does not make for a good first impression, nor viral word-of-mouth marketing.

As a software developer, I also know that programming something considered ‘working’ is easy and quick, but creating something high quality worth using takes thought and time. I understand that the developers have a special case with this controller, which requires extra time learning the peculiarities of the controller, in addition to the coding and testing. I’m overjoyed that their project leaders have finally allowed them to allot some time in order to complete this long overdue feature.

I’m looking forward to the release of DJay Pro with Denon support, and will savor every button-push, knob-turn, and light flicker, while fondly thinking of the developers and appreciating all the effort they’ve put forth.

So, thanks djmagicmoments for your perseverance and thanks to DJay for proceeding with implementing this and communicating with us!

So, now it has been a month since the last time I questioned the status of DENON controller support. Could we please have a status, preferably with a percentage-completed and planned date of release of said support? I’m preparing to write an article on my experiences with the software and support.

Hi Anders, Thanks for the quick reply. I’m glad to hear that there will be an update including support for Denon controllers.

Hi Anders,

I want to give many thanks to you and your team for implementing the mapping for the DENON DN-MC6000. The lights give excellent feedback: for example, I like how the play/pause button blinks near the end of the song. It even shows some nice DENON graphic when plugged in. It works, and it’s quality!

The update was released with uncanny timing on exactly the day when I was scheduled to play for a birthday party. I was courageous and installed the update, which turned out to be a good decision.

I played at a friends birthday party from 21:00 until 5:00 (8 hours straight) the following day without any crashes or other strange behavior. I used the DENON, only on two-turntable mode streaming Spotify.

Although not part of this topic, I wanted to also mention that I streamed Spotify using my iPad as a hotspot over cellular LTE, connected over USB to my MacBook Pro, the entire time without any problem! Using ‘default’ quality settings, the entire 8 hour set used about 950 MB. I wanted to use the ‘high’ quality setting, but was uncertain if the streaming speed would be sufficient since I was playing underground.

Thanks a lot, and have a great week!

own case

Please reference the new conversation here: Denon Mc6000Mk2 midi mapping issues

off topic

Please reference the new conversation here: audio effects in sampler

I’m having difficulty mapping my numark mixdeck quad with Djay 2 on my iPad 4
The cue and pause lights come on, but not working when pouched or pressed,
Songs loaded on djay 2 don’t show on controller window.
Nothing seems to be working.
Please help

Even the mixon 4 isn’t mapped fully with djay pro. There has been quite a few folk saying there are numerous mapped faults.

Denon MC3000
Denon MC3000
Denon MC3000
Denon MC3000!!!

i have read this thread 20 times. funny aggressive, persistent. i have searched for months trying to use my 9.7 ipad pro w/ a dennon mc6000 and xone:k2…
it hit me the other day that the forums of algoriddim are the end of the internet. mostly intelligent people who can figure shit out themselves. also the most desperate dregs, pathetic crack whores who will do anything for file/map/ code/ guide so they can map something. simply will these devices work. yes, no or how to. if not cool. ill move on. get the 4 channel mixon and dream.