iMac update with Yosemite

Just want to know, is the iMac djay software compatible with the new operating software?

Hi Chris,

We’ve tested djay for Mac on OS X Yosemite and it works great. We found no new issues so far.

Hi Jonathan,

Which audio interface are you using? Does the problem also occur when you’re e.g. just using the built-in output? Does your audio interface require a special driver?

Hi Joran,

Which controller are you using exactly? Also, what is your Devices setup?

Hi Jonathan,

Please also answer these questions:
* Which controller are you using exactly?
* What is your Devices setup?

Hi Joran,

Really sorry, but the iDJ Pro is made for iOS and is not even supported on the Mac. Does this also happen when you use one of the natively supported controllers?

Hi Kurt,

thanks for your feedback. What exactly isn’t working?

This is a known issue and our developers are already looking into it.

That was 25 days ago, Sascha.

Does this also happen with the demo version?…


Funny, there are problems that were posted a year ago that have yet to be addressed.

Djay is a two year old software, with no upgrades. It is no wonder people are having major problems.

You may want to consider using something more up to date, until they decide to update this software. Updates every two years is UNACCEPTABLE but with only one person running the show, that is what we are stuck with.

Seriously Ryan… you have two choices. Keep using what you got or move on. Nothing is being updated and new software is not coming anytime soon.

Most of us have moved on. I think the software is dead, even though they keep saying otherwise.

running it on yosemite and recording at 30 min in crashed when i saved song history. Recording .aiff on my 2 week old imac 27in" running yosemite. so there’s an issue right there.

just updated it… just played it through the mac… so far so good. Does this mean a updated version will be released now then,?? :slight_smile: surly???

I used DJay for multiple Shows/Events during the Yosemite Beta (yes, I am a bit crazy) with either my Vestax VCI-100 and an external Soundblaster or my Pioneer DDJ WeGo without any problems. Once even with my old Macbook White (Core2Duo 2GHz, 3 GB Ram) due to the (wrong) public reputation of the venue. All smooth and easy.

That’s why it is so pity, that development seems to have stalled years ago. C’mob Warren, give us something to live with, not only promises and new updates for the mobile phone toys. (Djay for Android. Meeeh.)

Warren, how does this fit with “no known issues so far”?

Hey Warren, hi Jonathan,
had the same problem this weekend. Connected djay with my DJPro. This setup worked flawlessly under Mavericks. Within 6 hours of DJing had several times problems, that output sound started to noise (wasn’t clear output signal). One time I lost control over UI…it just stopped responding. Deck was still playing. A nightmare when mixing live. Each time I had to close djay, open again and reconfigure audio engine to resolve the problem…while playing from an ipad as backup. So I wouldn’t recommend to update OS.

Numark iDJ Pro, 30pin to USB Cabel and MBP mid 2012, 2,5 GHz i5, 16Gb Ram 1600MHz DDR3…

A Android App…lol. Ever seen a DJ using a phone to entertain.