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I mainly use djay, for mixing, but in order to also be able to sort/ find my files on rekordbox, I use the comment section of tracks for tagging genres energy etc. I would love to be able to view these in djay Pro ipad too, so I can choose my tracks better based on my tags. So far I have the workaround to create smart Playlists in iTunes but that is either a shit ton of Playlist for every possible combination of tags, or I only can filter by one.
If I could see the comments of the I’d tags, I quickly can see what other moods/genres the song in a specific Playlist links to.

Example I have songs I tagged as tech house and bass House. Now my smart Playlist with techhouse tracks shows me all tracks labled with tech house but in order to find the tracks that are also labled bass House, I would need to either create a smart Playlist with both labels for every possible tag combination or I need to look up the comments so I could just see it.

Hi @Hans_von_Freymacher,

Thank you for getting in touch and welcome to our new community!

Adding comments to individual tracks is definitely a good suggestion for djay for iOS. Thanks also for sharing some details about your workflow and how adding this feature would help with this!

It would be great if other users share what they think about an additional comment section and also how they would use the section in their djay workflow. And of course we’ll have a better understanding for how popular this request is if other users like and/or vote on this suggestion.

Thanks again for your feedback!


Just to make sure, I’m talking about the IDtag comments, not Djay internaly.

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Yes please add a comment field! I have a similar workflow. I use the comments field to help organize my tracks and to create smart playlists. I use comments like energy level, warm-up, peak time, closer, female vocals, male vocals, chill, heavy, etc.

In addition to the above, ideally we would be able to add comments within the DJay app itself. I use a lot of streaming tracks via Tidal, SoundCloud and Beatport LINK so it would be great to be able to add comments to these tracks and have them stored in a similar way to Cue Points and Beatgrids.

So far my work around for this has been to create a bunch of playlists within Tidal to group tracks into these fields. Not ideal.

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It would also be nice to have track star rating field. I have used this in the past to indicate the energy levels of my tracks.


Absolutely agree! Star rating and editable(!) comments in DJAY would be awesome


Rating and comments is absolutely imperative!

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Not only for iOS, also for Mac.

Adding color tag, that is show as background color and can be filtered upon, to a track would be simple and flexible.

This in addition to detailed user defined text tags etc, but color tags alone would already be great!.
I’m talking about internal DJay for all library sources.

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