Improve EQ and Filter to really kill frequencies.

Just switched to algoriddim with a Reloop Mixon 4 and a little gutted that there is no complete kill on the EQ

bonjour j’ai besoin de cette fonctionnalité, elle arrive quand ?


In order to know what is doing each filter, I have done white noise testing of each. Result here:

Please add a full kill eq option/mode!

pleeeeeese!! we need this function!!!

so urgently needed.

It’s makes me feel like a total rookie whenever I use the filter for transitions in a club. It’s soooooo audible and obivouse the way the resonance frequencies stnad out and kill the mood!

Well put. At this point I think it must be an internal company power struggle or something. It’s bordering on ridiculous lol

Thanks Lukas! This is awesome and I hope to see it in a future release. Got a party Oct 5 I’d love to get it for

Yeah I would really love this and adjustable filter resonance (see… and please upvote if you agree!) as it would make Djay’s internal mixer more suitable for my style of mixing. I can see why non-kill EQ and resonant filters would work for some mixing/music styles but for the smoother blends I want to do, they are not ideal.

Any news on this Lukas? I have to second the above poster, I can’t see myself subscribing to Djay Pro if this issue isn’t resolved, it’s my main problem with the otherwise great Djay!

Thanks for the update, really look forward to seeing these features in Djay :slight_smile:

Something new on this topic? I would love DJAY if i could really kill the EQs!

share this sentiment massively. Please do this algoriddim

Anything? great to hear from the devs…

I go through this forum to search for my problems and I found so much of them, so I Also would like to push this essential feature

Hi Lukas!

Five month, and now a BIG update the last days, but nothing changed with the EQ and the resonance filter cutoff.
The only answer we get since years now is “we push the topic” and 12 month ago “we are working on it”.

I really start to think, after 2 years of spending money to your company that nobody really cares about these essentinal problems
Please don ́t take only the money from your community. Please fix these annoying problems which are mention by years now from your community.

BTW…i still can ́t double the tempo for a song wich is detected with more than 99 BPM even if the song normally runs with over 200 BPM. we had a great conversation about this problem and you guys told me to also fix this problem.

I will still give you my money and pray to you and God that you go on these essential problems.

Please dont answer with your standart phrases like “we push the topic”/“we are working on it”. Please be hones with your customers!!

I really would like to thank you, but how can i do this if you don ́t listen to the people since years???

My best 

Nothing changed…read my comment below :wink:
It ́s really a shame!

Thx for the suppport of this topic. 

Hi Lukus, has this been released yet?