Improve EQ and Filter to really kill frequencies.


it would be nice if the EQs would go even lower than -24db so that if Low/Mid/High are all on their lowest end nothing else would come through and the song is effectively silenced.

The same cutoff behaviour would be nice for the filter so it can be used to fade a track in or out.

What do you think of that?

…indeed. “Killable” EQs are a must these days and especially if you’re DJ’ing in electronic music genres.

This is an idea that’s 5 years old now and hasn’t got any traction from Algoriddims side. Why?

Might be that it’s a bit of work to copy the EQ curves from e.g. A&H, but it’s definitely worth it if Djay PRO (and of course Djay for the iPhone as well) wants to attract more PRO users. So what keeps you from upgrading the EQ section to a professional level?

And, yes, of course the filter has to be changed to a non-resonant one too!

@Lukas: thank you for your response and I’d love to see the kind of “A&H” type full-kill EQs and non-resonant filters. That would close the gap to professional DJ software solutions massively and then I’d also go for a Djay PRO subscription.

So, I hope to see these features very soon… :slight_smile:

…I was more than happy to read “Improved Filter range and resonance” in your release notes of the 3.2.2 version of the IOS app. Now I tested it and… nothing changed. Really nothing (compared it on two devices, one with 3.2.2 and one with 3.2.1)!

What happened? Did the filter/res update slipped out of your release?

Again: filters without resonance (or better: adjustable resonance) and killable EQs are a must. Not only for “Pro” DJs! 

You would think that this would be really easy to just add. Please

Yes, multiple EQ profiles would be best. Not everyone wants a total “kill” of freqs.

Lukas You said something was getting worked on 3 years ago? Do the real employees of Algoriddim even look at these forums? This software has great features but the worst sound engine of all DJ software… do they even listen to music through their own software to compare how bad it is? The EQ is setup on all the wrong frequencies and the Filter is a disaster. Just give us control over the resonance. Put an option in the FX section ! And you want us to pay for the iPad version monthly when we can’t even get what we want? Most of us are still on the free loyalty promo, let’s see how many subscribers you have left when we have to pay for ignorance!!

Hi guys,

thank you for this idea, i forwarded this to our development team :slight_smile:

Lukas E.

Thank you all for your feedback.
Pushed the topic again, glad that the issue gets attention in the forum.

Lukas E.

Hi guys,

We pushed your request internally and I can say that we worked on it.
Something is coming.
Stay tuned.

Lukas E.

This is on our agenda.

We are happy to receive your feedback and I pushed the topic again.

Lukas E.

If the app did this it would be absolutely perfect for me…
Please Someone from Algoriddim look into this for future updates

Any news on having this feature in the next update?

The better is to have multiple EQ profiles.

The current one look like a lot of DJM tables where there remain a bit sound when they are all killed. I am used to that since on all DJM tables it is like that.

Multi EQ profiles exist on Mixvibes Cross, Traktor, VDJ (can setup each range) so that could be another powerfull feature.

this will be very useful feature, it would be perfect as adjustable general setting for the whole app, just kill em all as we want it :slight_smile:

After 3 years of asking for this very simple feature is it possible for the implementation of it with the next update?

In reality we’re dreaming if we think this is ever going to eventuate…
l asked for this over 4 years ago,
they put a man on the moon in less time!!

is there any news about this topic? I have the same need and I’m not able to find a solution (if a solution exist)
Thank you

Plus one on this one. I don’t know how to play without this feature. Prevents me from moving to his app (which looks interesting).