Inaccurate Looping - Loop going longer or shorter than desired

Forwarded this internally again. Keep on pushing.

Lukas E.

Hi Nathan,

in djay Pro 2 for Mac a manual looping feature is implemented in order to have an option for not correct set auto loops.

Please open the loop tools and select Manual in the Loop Drop Down menu.

Hopefully be a bit sooner than 7 months though hey

This was highlighted months ago with no sign of being addressed. Disappointing reallly as like it’s being said the system algoriddam analyses music so well.

I agree with all the comments as shorten loops also occurs on djay pro for iPad. It doesn’t happen often but is annoying as it knocks sync off too.

Lukas do you think that 4 years of pushing is enough?

Nice plug

I am guessing djay 2 Pro will have the same flaws, which is why I’m not buying that software for Mac or iOS

Hi Lukas.

Snapping grids becomes annoying sometimes.
I’m playing funk&soul so the songs has various tempo changes.

It would be great if snapping to grid function would be disabled.
It also needs when you loop mix different bpm songs.

Unfortunately manual loop is still the same :frowning:
I think they should add a “snap to grid” function for manual looping.

Yea. Love being able to use Spotify but if I have to pay for pulse locker now and go to Serato, I’m gonna have to. I use the Denon MC4000

Having the same issue at this very moment… upgraded to the new Djay (was running DJay 2 before), and have a section of a funk song that I’d like to loop, but it’s going over by a whole 1/8th note.

I love the fact that we can (finally!) set the downbeat on any song, so shouldn’t there be a way to manually correct (and automatically save) a loop section for any given song?

you can use our utility to set your loops and cues in another program and then convert them to djay

see the demo at

At the source of all these problems seems to be the beatgrid. djay has a very special (inconsistent) way to create one. And it’s close to impossible to manually adjust it. Support has acknowledged the problem to me several times but it still remains to be fixed.
I even created a video on the subject to make sure they know exactly what the problem is

I’m the author of the DJ Conversion Utility that converts cues, loops, beatgrids and other metadata from Traktor Pro to Rekordbox DJ. And from both Traktor Pro and Rekordbox to Algoriddim’s djay see

Is there a fix for this issue?

Just been trying to find out why it’s not working like it should

In summary, we need a manual loop function. The loop snap function is great for electronic music that doesn’t change tempo on you, but for music played by real people with real instruments, it doesn’t work too well. Need the ability to create loops independent of the snap to he next beat function. Please provide an update. This is a very basic function. Should not take 4 years to implement a fix z

Still no word on an update? May have to start using Serato. Damn, can’t believe I said that

I just don’t get how something as basic as manual looping has yet to be implemented into Djay Pro. This should arguably be easier to implement than the quantized looping function. My Denon CD player for ok the 90’s had a manual loop function. Come on guys. I know you have a lot of requests for updates and what not, but this is a very basic and in my opinion, VITAL, function on any Djay/midi software.

My main gripe is the lack of a manual loop function for non electronic music. Music that is not quantized. When I play 70’s dance classics, a lot of times the break is the best part of he song and you want to extend it by looping it, but without the manual loop feature, you’ll never get a good loop. This is a pretty basic function. Don’t know why Algoroddim has neglected to do anything about his. Maybe they think people will only play electronic/dance music with their software. Not too sure, but over 4 years I would assume they don’t really care to implement this feature otherwise hey would have 3 years ago. Looks like I’ll be getting to know Serato a little better in he next few weeks