Inconsistent BPM analysis across djay platforms, esp with Drum n Bass tracks

I am getting BPM analysis issues, it seems with drum and bass tracks in particular.

Djay on the Mac seems to be analysing some DnB tracks at 2/3 time, most of the tracks should be 80-85 BPM or 160-170 BPM… but I am getting some at 127 (if my maths is correct that is in the middle of the 2 BPMs they should be).
Also I am getting different analysis results across djay platforms… it seems only the Mac version is the problem child, whilst the i-device versions are fine.

Roni Size - Brown Paper Bag: djay Mac = 127 BPM / djay iPhone = 85 BPM
Track is taken from same iTunes library in both cases. 85 is the right result.

There needs to be some sort of reset / re-analyse feature on the BPM.
Why would different platforms of the app get different results?

It is very hard to mix a track analysed in 2/3rd time…

Djay Pro on iPad also halves the BPM when it gets the right tempo from Spotify. That could be a pretty solid hint for the algo IMO. :wink:

This seems like the most robust solution to me, and I find it very hard to understand this feature is still lacking. I work with hihat/top/percussion loops which I know are all 128, just let me enter the number already. *sigh*

Is there a way to re-analyse a track? I just purchased a track from itunes and sadly, the bpm analysis came horribly wrong. Is there any way to re-analyse the track to the right bpm?

I can set up the bpm manually using the tap function, but this is far from ideal as the tracks go out of sync easily.

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Faulty BPM analysis..

it’s happening on iphone djay for me too… Brookes Brothers Tears you down shows at 56 bpm.

I have exactly the same problem! Tons of tunes have a wrong BPM assigned. It’s going even further: Some tracks DO have a ‘typical’ DnB-BPM showed in djay (for ex 87) but the actual BPM are just a few higher or lower, so if I sync them, one of those tracks “runs” away…

This is really really disgusting! :frowning:

Can someone please acknowledge that this is a problem, and a serious one that you are putting all your effort into fixing?

Like I said I love all the new features in the update called DJay 2, but if your foundation cracked then what’s the point. Working with incorrectly analyzed tracks can not be a thing for Djay2

Can’t you compare the code between DJay 2 and DJay 1? Also is there any difference in a song being analyzed by loading it to the deck and the auto batch analysis of tracks?

Ah I see. I’ll try to keep track of songs that seem incorrect, sometimes its hard to tell. What’s the best way to get you guys these songs?

Edit: Wait, I used High Precision in DJay 1 and never encountered anything like this. Why would it suddenly start behaving like this? Is there any information you could give us about what actually happens when a track is analyzed so that it might help us all reach a solution?

Can you please shed some light on how BPM is analyzed so that we can all make educated guesses towards the cause of this app-ruining problem?

So i used RedBull software untill I’ve bought Numark Controller. I never had this problem before I start using dJay. So when i load tune with non-stable bmp (house tune with r’n’b breakdown f.e.) dJay don’t recognize bpm correctly. We need you to improve better bpm detection algorithm.

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Wrong BMP detection!.


Can you please send the track for testing? (->

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the late reply. Yes, we are aware that our Beat Analysis isn’t perfect. In order to help us to further improve the analysis, please kindly send examples of incorrectly analyzed songs to

There is no difference whether you load or pre-anaylze the song.

The main difference is that djay 2 now always uses High Precision. We’ve tweaked the analysis from djay 1 to 2 but it seems that this doesn’t work for certain songs. For this reason, it would be really helpful if we could gather a list of affected songs to test.

What’s the correct BPM?

There’s an easy fix for half/double mistakes: click on the displayed BPM number and select “Double”.

Yes, on all versions of djay.

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Sorry you feel that way. Just because I post a workaround for a specific problem does not mean that we’re ignoring the rest. And as you can see, the other user was apparently not aware of the half/double workaround.

Our developers are looking for ways to further improve the beat analysis. Some users were kind enough to provide information about affected songs so we can add them to our test cases. Please feel free to do the same.

High Precision Analysis is not supported on an iPhone 4. This would explain why it’s correct in the Mac version but not on your djay 1 for iPhone.

Hi Everyone,

We’re collecting more test songs for beat analysis. If possible, please send us more sample songs or post a comment below with song title, artist, etc.