Integration with Logic Pro, iOS/macOS

Would love to see deeper integration with Logic Pro - especially now that it’s coming to iOS. I know we have Ableton Link, but would love to see more in-depth integration. It’s a natural fit - partnership for djay Pro and many of us will be looking at workflows to remix music on the iPad (vs. Ableton on the Mac).

Re: Logic Pro iOS
In particular, loving the look of the Live Loops / Session view for live performance, would be cool to trigger this directly in djay Pro, in addition, the Multi-Touch Mixer and Step Sequencer look very interesting to play with as well.


I would already be super excited if we could import our Loop packs inside Looper. Djay has a sampler / Sequencer where I create my Beats, another interesting idea to have would be 2 Synthesizers, one for Bass and the other for Synth without the need for any other Software / App to create true live remixes. :thinking:

You got it!
Integration is key.

Hey @Michael_Wisniewski and @Fernando_Midi!

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions.

For @Michael_Wisniewski - Logic Pro integration certainly would be interesting, especially given their latest iOS launch. To better understand your request, how would you like to trigger these Live Loops within djay? Would this be through something like the Hot Cue buttons, or did you have something else in mind?

For @Fernando_Midi - This is a request we’ve had from users in the past as well. Feel free to upvote it in this thread!

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