Introduce a Song Playlist Favorites Bank

Do you also miss really quick access to all your favorite playlists?

Being an all-round DJ, you need to be able to switch quickly between different moods, genres, and decades to catch the moment. While there are many reasons I am considering switching from Traktor DJ software to Algoriddim djay Pro, the feature I miss most in djay 5.0 is something akin to Traktor’s ‘playlist Favorites-bank’. This is why I’m proposing a ‘Favorites Bank’ feature for Algoriddim djay 5.

Having such a ‘Favorites Bank’ would make it much easier to switch between playlists and smart-playlists, tailored to different types of performances.

Imagine how much easier it would be if you could access your carefully curated playlists and smart-playlists with just one click! This would not only improve our workflow but also boost our creativity and flexibility during live sets.

:point_right: :point_right: Also feel the urge to have the best playlists at your fingertips? Then, please support this feature request by voting on this request.

Thanks for your support!



I would also love to see this feature. Like it is available with NI Traktor.

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Thanks Criwo. Please vote on it with the vote-button in the upper left.

Yep this would be cool. I think the pioneer rx3 has something similar. A playlist bank where you can have upto 5 playlists easy access.

Thanks @Dysfunk_DJ.
Please vote on it with the vote-button in the upper left

Maybe you wanna change the title to “Introduce a playlist favorites bank”? That will point it out clearer.

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Thats a good suggestion, but unfortunately I can’t change the title anymore.

I’ve used up my votes. I only have voted handful of times. You must be only able to get a few votes. Not sure if that is over a set period of time.

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@Dysfunk_DJ regarding the voting system: Update to the Community Forums Voting System

@DJ_Big_Blender I changed the title for you.

Thanks a lot @Slak_Jaw

You’re welcome @DJ_Big_Blender

Thanks for the suggestion @DJ_Big_Blender ! I’ve shared this with the dev team for consideration.

Thanks a lot, @Slak_Jaw, for your responsiveness. :star_struck: Hopefully, the dev team also sees the benefits here and it’s not too complicated to implement.

You’re welcome @DJ_Big_Blender

That’s a great feature bc you don’t need to click in and out of crates, you can view all of them at the same time and cross reference quickly. Please add that to the playlist bank where you have the option to view all playlists in the bank at the same time.


DJ_Big_Blender, In case you didn’t know about this feature, you can use a single click key command to jump to the first or first and second letter of your crates. If a crate has the same letter as a key command to do something in the software, I simply use a modifier key for those actions and save the single click letters or numbers for crates.

Thanks for you support @Donn !! And also for the tip about single key command.
(Please also vote for this request in the upper left corner!)

This is an essential feature and preventing me from switching to DJP as my main dj software, thanks

Welcome @Vijay_Edwin ! How are you using Djay?

I want to use Djay Pro as a Traktor replacement as I dj with midi controllers. My workflow is using streaming services to find music and adding them to playlists, and then using these playlists to perform. I also like being able to add curated lists eg from beat posts to my playlist view. Having access to these playlists easily visible and switching at a moments notice is crucial for me. Having some concept of a preparation lists (playlist to ad hoc) would also be appreciated . Thanks in advance