IOS8 + Djay + IDJ Pro...and...IOS8 + Djay2 + IDJ Pro

We all went through this nonsense last time around, and so I think we better bring this up again now, now that iOS8 is out: how does the iOS8 update affect DJay and Djay2 on the IDJ Pro?

I STILL use Djay + iOS6 (!!!) + IDJ Pro because of all the BS that went down with the iOS7 update. (I also still personally find that Djay syncs better, but that is a whole nuther thread)

So I would very much appreciate Algoriddim testing and then proactively telling us how their software (Djay and Djay2) runs on iOS8 when using the IDJ Pro.

I updated my ipad2 to ios8 and dj2 is not working anymore with iDJPRO.
When I start DJ2 then activate iDJPRO he screen stays the same (as if no IDJPRO) was connected. I need to either cancel my gigs or buy new hardware now. Great.

hi - My apologies , I found out that actually when I plug the iDJPRO into my iPad, the little POWER sign does not come on. But when it does, THEN DJ2 displays correctly. How is the connection made to the software ? If I jiggle the connector, nothing happens. If I take another connector to power the iPad, it works right away.

Hi Gee,

We tested djay 2 for iPad with the iDJ Pro on iOS 8 and found no issues. So everything should be working properly.

Hi Bobby,

Which iPad do you have? Which iOS version is installed on your iPad?
As an experiment, please also try if you can hear anything when you play a song through the Music app.

Does the same problem occur with the Music app?

Sorry to hear that. We’ve had no problems with iDJ Pro and iOS 8.

  • Do you have other iOS devices with which you can test the iDJ Pro?
  • Connect the iDJ Pro and go to General > About. Is there an entry saying “IDJ PRO”?
  • Have you tried rebooting or even restoring your iPad?

Oh glad to hear that.

The connection is established by the system actually. djay gets notified if a new MIDI device has been connected/detected and then djay basically handles the rest. So, it only works if your controller is detected by the system in the first place.

This sounds like a problem with the connector. I recommend trying to contact Numark support to get your controller checked:

Or, if you have other iPads, try using it with the iDJ Pro as an experiment.

Hmm we’ve had no issues with iDJ Pro and iOS 8 in our test lab.
Does your controller get recognized by the iPad at all? Open the Settings app and go to General > About. There should be an entry saying “IDJ PRO” somewhere at the bottom.

Hi Franck, I had the same problem but I had turn on / turn off 3 times my idj pro then it worked perfectly… It wasn’t perfect but it look fixed the problem…

Try my method and tell me if you device work like that. :wink:

Any update from iOS8 users about Djay and/or Djay2 with the IDJPro? I am still unwilling to update my iPad3 to iOS8 until people weigh in that everything works perfectly. I am a professional and do not want to go through the issues that came up with the iOS7 update.

Bump: is there an updated consensus on how Djay and Djay2 work with iOS8 and the Numark IDJ Pro controller? Bugs? Issues? see my other post from a minute ago. Thanks.

Try downloading DJay (not DJAY2) and see if that works. Warren / algoriddim can tell you how to get to that link – it is not merchandised in the Apple app store but there is a way to still get to it.

I still use IDJ Pro + iPad3 (ios 6) + Djay (not DJay 2), which is stable as a rock, ZERO crashes in any of my thousand hours of sets over past two years. Djay2 works fine in this set-up as well (I have it) but I prefer Djay for several reasons (see my other posts).

The issue also could be that your IDJ Pro is running a later firmware (i refuse to upgrade mine) that came out to accommodate issues that arose when Algoriddim launched Djay 2 and then iOS7 came out and caused all kinds of problems. Just read all of the threads

So if you want a sure fire glitch free to make sure your set up works, try running iOS6 or 7 with Djay where you are rocking a previous IDJ Pro firmware then the one they released around iOS 7.

Warren / Anyone else reading this: can anyone confirm that there are NO problems or bugs using:
-iPad 2 or 3 or later

  • iOS 8
  • Djay 2
  • latest IDJ Pro firmware

I will not upgrade until someone can guarantee this.

Adrian – you guys should make available Djay 1 to anyone who has bought it previously or has bought Djay 2 and run into problems. I know from Warren in the past that if you have already bought Djay 1 and then you need to download it again, there is a link to go get it. That link is required for previous owners who – for example – lost their iPad but want to restore their previous app purchases on a new device. So to be clear: there is a way to get Djay 1 still – and you guys should also give that option to customers of Djay 2.

Second: Tony is not talking about Djay Pro for the Mac – he is asking: how do you restore a previous version of the firmware on the IDJ Pro controller. The later firmware upgrades that came out around when Djay 2 and when iOS7 was released are part of the problem people are running into. This is why I refused to upgrade to the latest IDJ Pro firmware. So how can somebody restore a previous firmware on the IDJ Pro controller?

We are holding off updating as well.

The iOS7/iDJPro debacle is still fresh in our minds…

I want to know this too…

here here

No way I’m updating until I now this all works perfectly, don’t want to go back to when we updated to ios7.

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