iPad air with Pioneer WEGO2

Having completed updating the firmware on the WEGO2 it all worked as should for about a week.

Now both devices wont talk one another. Re-boot, re-installed all software, hard reset and still nothing (ipad and wego).

Can you please confirm that DJay is still compatable with the latest ios update 7.0.4 when used with an iPad Air…?

very unhappy.


I’ll test this with our iPad Air and get back to you. Which firmware version do you have on your WeGo 2? Did you perform the firmware upgrade, which fixed the distortion issue on iOS 7?

Sorry for the late reply.

We’re working with Pioneer to investigate this issue.

In the meantime, please do the following as an experiment:

  • connect WeGo2 to your iPad Air
  • open the Settings app
  • go to “General” > “About”

Is there an entry for your controller?

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the late reply. We tested this in our lab and all our WeGO 2s work with our iPad Airs and iPad Minis.

This seems to be a specific problem with your controller or the iPad. Please kindly contact Pioneer Support and keep us posted.

Awesome! Glad to hear that!

Please make sure to install the latest firmware for your controller:

If this doesn’t help, please kindly contact Pioneer Support directly:

Hi Ken,

Really sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, we can’t really help with hardware related problems but we sure can try. Please send an email to our support team (support(at)algoriddim.com)

djay 2 for iPad :wink:

Hi Fletcher,

For hardware problems, please kindly contact Pioneer Support directly:

damn, still working great on the wego “1”, but i hope they figure it out for yall, cause i wanna get the 2…

Ryan: I’m kinda pleased that someone else has chipped in and has the same issue. Clearly then my it must be the iOS update (I really wish I hadn’t updated).

I just hope that pioneer / algoriddim can release an update quickly to resolve the problem.

I have already spoken to pioneer on Thursday and raised the problem with them. Whilst they were helpful the best advice he offered was the old “turn it off and on again” which was frustrating.

I wonder if it’s a local problem to just the air…I hope not as we must be relatively a small using group and won’t be a priority fix.


ios 7.0.4 wego2 DDJ-WeGO2_V901

To answer your question, yes performed the firmware upgrade and everything worked for about a week.

Still no update or solution…the only feedback / support in the form of a question.

How disappointing.

Setting, general…nothing listed as wego or pioneer, so to answer your question “no”.

Happy to supply a screen shot if required.

Another user in the same boat…come on pioneer pull ya finger out and fix this.

I have just updated my Air to iOS 7.0.4 and guess what…the WEGO2 is now talking happily to the iPad.

Haven’t fully tested everything so will update in due course, but it’s a step in the right direction. :slight_smile:

Lol…yeah I went through the same process. Hope your up and running.

I have the same problem, updated all the firmware and have the iPad air… but the wego2 just won’t connect with the iPad???

Very frustrating!!!

Hi Guys,
I just bought an Ipad Air and Wego2 for my gf but on the apple site it doesn’t mention the air as compatible, you would say lightning cable and a high enough version right. It worked for a bit for you Simon so we will see if it’s going to work.
I contacted Pioneer.EU and they told me they didn’t test it yet but they are going to test the Ipad air and get back to me.
I hope your problem gets solved.