IPad Djay using Vestax V-Midi & USB Dj controller

What USB Dj controllers are compatable with djay using Vestax V-Midi?

So far this is the only solution regarding charging your iPad while using a USB Dj controller. Does this only work with Vestax Spin? Or can I use my Hurcules MK2?

This is for the IPad version of DJay!

Yes, thanks for the response Warren.
Totally understand that you can’t say anything - but am really looking forward to seeing the next development with djay on iOS and controllers will be!

Hey guys,

You maybe interested to read my review of the V-Midi here;


In summary though;

Great news for iPod Touch / iPhone users as you should be able to hook up your Vestax Spin (original) via the V-Midi and use the djay app.

Great news for all iOS users of Vestax Spin (original) as V-Midi charges your device at the same time as transporting Midi and audio.

Bad news…it doesn’t give you the stereo cue AND stereo master that could be achieved with iOS 6.

…of course, it could be used in conjunction with other apps!

For a controller to work with DJay 2 it would need a midi mapping within the app, as far as I know I don’t think there is one for the controller you mention - if only Djay 2 had user definable midi mappings!

…but only if you’re on a jailbroken iOS device - I would hazard a guess that the majority of users aren’t.

Hi Lucas,

Sorry you feel neglected. We just can’t say anything official regarding this matter yet. Hope you understand!

I’m shocked that this topic isn’t getting more attention or none at all. Vestax has released VMIDI Controller that CHARGES your iPad & USB Controller. Does anyone know if Vestax Spin is the only compatible USB controller?


Hi Warren,

I’m glad you at least responded, though it took for ever lol. I definitely understand and I’m waiting at the edge of my seat for details. Thank you and great Job!

Ps. How do I get a job at Algoriddim :slight_smile: Honestly, Huuuge Fan!

Can you say something now?

Can we use it as a saparate master out? Controllers?

But I’ve also seen reports of people, who have built controller mappings within the Mac app and then after uploading it to the iDevice, successfully using them.

In fact, it was explained as accessible through the standard iTunes per-app Document repository. The same one you can download and upload files to when the iDevice is connected for syncing.

The motorized platters are not to be expected to be functional, IMO. At least not until algoriddim state. It to be supported.

Also, why would you need a vmidi for an integrated controller with a sound card. It’s goal would be to add a simple midi controller with no sound device…

Yes, this would be great! Please can we get an official answer? Thanks!

This solution works for many midi controllers using Djay for iPad, and I have personally confirmed it working on these “class compliant” “core-Midi” devices: Pioneer DDJ-SX, DDJ-SP1, Mixtrack II and M-audio X-session WITH and WITHOUT V-midi on a iPad 3 and iPad 4, as well as an iPad Mini… all NON Jail-broken! :slight_smile: I’ve even used multiple Midi controllers at once with Djay for iPad, using a powered USB hub, no V-Midi.

Sad news is that the Numark motorized controllers (not sure about the NS7II) are not class compliant core Midi devices and require drivers to work with a Mac/PC, and therefore will not work on an iPad etc. The good news is that most new Midi controllers are class compliant.

  1. First you have to download Djay for Mac (the free demo version is fine!), then Midi learn your controller. You can map the jog wheels, cross-fader, all mixer buttons and eq knobs, library scroll and buttons, loops, and sampler buttons with Djay2 for iPad!

  2. Then just drag and drop the .djayMidiMapping file that is generated after Midi learning from Music/djay/Midi Mappings (in your user directory) to your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch djay app Documents (using iTunes file sharing). Yes, it’s very cool that the Djay applications for different platforms use the same midi map format!!!

  3. I tested this on iPads via the Apple CCK and a powered USB hub. The powered hub will only power the controller, not the iPad, however a fully charged iPad will let you run Djay for hours.

  4. I have also tested using a V-Midi device which will of course power both the iPad and the controller! Had mixed results with other iPad DJ software using V-Midi but it works great for Djay for iPad!

Last point I’d like to make is that the V-Midi is not a sound card, it only reroutes the audio and acts just like a stereo splitter, providing Dual-mono. If you want two stereo outputs, one for master and one for cue, you’ll have to use the powered hub option with an additional USB sound card (unless your controller has one built in, e.g. Mixtrack Pro II) and also use the built-in headphone jack for either your master/cue stereo outputs.

I hope some of you find this information useful!

V-MIDI was put on the market.
Please answer, Mr Warren!

Would love to know if this will work with the new Djay 2 app, with dj controllers that are ‘class compliant’ for example Numark ns7fx?

Many thanks to you all for contributing your knowledge. I have a love for motorised platters hence why I stated the ns7 as I intend in purchasing this unit. My iPad mini is jailbroken and would like to utilise it. Jus need a point in the right direction. But not many have tried and tested with the Vmidi. Minimal testing using camera connection kit to connect midi dj controller to ipad with additional powered USB hub! (But Vmidi is all in one). I do not own a mac book but have access to one to do the ‘mapping’ but wouldn’t know where to start. Could this mapping be downloaded is somebody has already done it ? I would assume it has to be done for each controller. Not jus one general file. Which as mentioned I can then input the mapping file into the djay 2 app. Sound like a lot of work for the sake of motorised platter dj controller. Maybe idj pro and jus be happy? Thanks again for your input

Kaloyan: i was under the impression I could use the Numark Ns7fx (Integrated dj controller) with my ipad only. Accessing my itunes liabary on the ipad. As the iDJ Pro functions without a laptop. but the more i read, the further i get.
To confirm i have called numark, they say they do not know if motorsied platters will be functional becuase its not a test they will do (its not a controller for that purpose using ipad). you are correct. but geting it to work via mapping will

As advised before: mapping on mac and exporting the file to ios ipad will work.

looks like im just going to buy iday pro and eat humble pie as the saying goes.

thank you for your thoughts