iPad Pro (2020) with Pioneer DDJ-WeGo3 Charge Cable ?

maybe you can help me because neither Saturn nor Mediamarkt nor Pioneer itself and Apple cannot help. I have a DJ controller named Pioneer DDJ-WEGO 3 which I used to be able to play with my old iPad with Lightning use music. Now I’ve bought an iPad Pro that only has a USB-C port. I can get the device to work without any problems, but it just doesn’t charge, maybe an idea if there is an adapter for it, right? Below are the pictures of the device with the available connections, currently I used it with a USB-B with a USB-C adapter

Hi @mstylez77,

Thanks for reaching out to us on the Algoriddim Community.

Your iPad Pro you’ll be able to connect with the official USB-Adapter by Apple. That and a USB cable are all you need.

However, I’d like to point out that you could also just use a cable like this.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

ok, i saw this adapter but how do i connect it, it is then connected via usb-b because the ios device connector has a lightning connection and i don’t know what cables or adapters i need in addition to the official apple adapter, can you please describe me exactly, thank you.

Hey @mstylez77, you need to connect your iPad with USB-C to the USB-type-B input of your controller, not the iOS-input.


I have now ordered the adapter, and if the ipad is then charged, I have now understood correctly

Yes, with the Multiport Adapter you’ll be able to charge your iOS device simultaneously.

Hope I could help.