Does WeGo3 controller works with iPad pro/Air 2020 (usb-c) and new djay Pro AI?

Like the discussion started in iPad Pro (2020) with Pioneer DDJ-WeGo3 Charge Cable ?, I do have a simular question.

I want to exchange a existing iPad air (with lightning interface) with a new iPad (Pro or Air, thus with usb-c connection).

Can anyone confirm that the connection will work with a usb-B (male) to usb-C (male) cable? (
Without an multiport adapter for charging or must I use the adapter?
Also sometimes its mentioned that (the adpater/cable) is without audio/video, does it effects the funcionality from the controller?

Eventually I would connect the cable from the usb-B port from the controller to the usb-C port from the ipad, the audio output is on the back of the controller and it would work with the latest Djay-Pro-Ai app!

Some though questions but its so pitty if I cant use the WeGo3 anymore…

Thanks for helping/answering.


As I saw in this (Can’t connect ipad pro 2020 to djwego2 through IOS connection) discussion, i think it would be possible, but can anyone confirm?

And let my concern be minor…

Hi PiWi

I actually have the wego3 and it works great with the iPad Pro 12.9" via usb C (so air should work too).
I suggest you only use the wego3 with it’s power supply plugged in as when used on usb power only it can lock up from time to time (never did on outlet power).
It will work directly with a usb b (printer) to usb c cable but obviously the iPad will not charge that way (great for testing).

Easiest way to use is with a usb c hub and the standard usb cable that comes with most DJ controllers ie. usb b to usb a.

I used to use the wego3 with its iOS cable when used with my old iPad 3 that had a lightning connector. That cable cannot be used in any way with the new iPads/usbc!

Wego3, iPad Pro 12.9, djay Ai, mic, usb c hub hyperdrive (2021)

Wego3, iPad series 3, djay 2, mic, iOS cable to lightning (2021)

Upgrade (2021) (wego3 is now ready as a backup)

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Best wishes to all anyway.

Thanks STe, thats what I wanna hear/see.
I already ordered a Usb-B to Usb-C cable and wait for it.
I will share my experience with you guys.
My son does have recently bought a Air so pre testing wil be possible.


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