iPad Pro Features Not Working w/ Reloop Mixon 4


Received my Mixon 4 yesterday. I didn’t need to sleep the rest of this month anyway.

I’m using my iPad Pro (iOS 10.2) with my controller. Controller firmware is 2118.

I’ve been getting acquainted and while reviewing the features in the manual it seems that some of the listed features do not work w/ my iPad Pro. Let me know if this is user error.

  1. Shift + Load CH4 (SL4) is supposed to switch between the different library sources. SL2 functions as documented but SL4 simply closes my track window.
  2. Shift + 15 (trax knob) is supposed to switch between the different library tabs.
  3. Shift + 36c (sampler button) is supposed to open the sampler view.

I tried both shift buttons. I was hoping these would resolve after I updated the firmware but they did not.

Anyone else w/ an iPad Pro setup experience this?

(posted on Reloop forum as well)

Looks like you guys have some fixing to do for the mixon 4. I’m a little surprised you would release a flagship device without making it work at least 95% with your hardware. Sorry but I guess I need to add to the pile here.

The shift parameter buttons(30a,30b) do not shift the key as per the manual either

The Shift Tap(23) up at the beats/ param does not set the grid marker as it is supposed to.

The Shift Lock(26) does not toggle the pitch range. Just stays at whatever its already set to 8% or 25%, whatever.

The loop shift(28a) causes the not only the loop but the track to jump forward or back the amount shifted thereby knocking it out of sync (even out of sync with itself) and thus making it useless.

The Key Sync button(27) syncs all decks and not just the selected deck.

Also the loop is quantized to the beat grid on this device not allowing you under any circumstances to loop on the half, my pionneer wego 3 has no issues allowing half beat loops. It is unfortunate that the “better” device is limited like this. I feel it needs to be fixed.

Hope to hear something back, but I’m not holding my breath…

Should I go over there and add my issues to your thread? Or do you have it covered?

I obviously goofed at the beginning of this post when I said hardware… I’ll be over here just waiting for someone to flame me .

Thank you very much for the reply Lukas, and adding to the issue tracker.

Now a word about the quantizing issue.

I just checked, and even paused, the auto loop won’t allow anything to be looped that isn’t on a beat marker. This is something I most definitely can do on my wego (and frequently do) as the song is playing. I feel if anyone wants the beat to loop on a beat marker they should time their loops on the beat marker. Or perhaps there could be a setting to quantize loops for people with bad timing. (Haha) Ideally there could be a quantize setting that allowed an adjustment fo sensitivity. Ie on the half, quarter, eighth beat, etc… then default it could be like it is now so beginners don’t get messed up but once someone has some timing they could adjust the sensitivity of the program… you guys are after all trying to make this a viable alternative to serato, tractor, record box…

This issue for me is mostly when I’m trying to loop specific vocals, and then halving them, quartering them, etc… if you loop at the wrong time your shortened loops are crap.

Example, song Rio.

“Wherever she goes I go, we roll, we go, flyin over cities down to Rio, its real x2
Wherever she goes I go, we roll, we go x2
Wherever she goes I go x4
Wherever she x2
Whe… whe… w… w… w… w… w… w… w… w…”

Sounds amazing if I drop the loop on the “Wherever” but quantized to the 1 it lands on the “she” so the second line ends up being something like “she goes I go, we roll, we go, flyin over” and the last line is sh,sh,… just believe me when I tell you it sounds terrible.

Having said all this, I have figured out how to perform the said transition but have had to switch to using the loop roll (or to adjust the beat grid beforehand). It would be nice to have the same control with the loop button as other controllers though as not all transitions are prepared ahead of time and some times you are just winging it. More control is never a bad thing right?

Thanks again for the reply,
That means a lot to me.

I hope this post wasn’t too long and therefore not interesting enough for you to read.

Sorry, missed the second question, just caught it now because of Holidaes response… IDK what to say, feel a little foolish, but yeah shift 23 seems to be working fine for me now. Sorry for the false report, if you knew how careful I was about this sort of thing you’d know how embarrassing this is for me.

You do realize that the m1 parameter is only linked to fx 1. The fx 2 and 3 parameter operate independently of the filter, or at least this is the case on my Mixon/iPad.

Hope this helps you out with your deal breaker. I imagine it will as three fx at the same time seems a little excessive(then again, I don’t know what you are trying to do)

I don’t know what to tell you. Using the manual loop [shift] + [loop], I am able to loop it in on the half and even quarter beat. I just dusted off the wego 3 for the first time since I got my mixon just to make sure I wasn’t lying here.

I’m mixing on an iPad mini running latest iOS and most current djay pro.I don’t believe I’ve ever updated the firmware on the wego3. I don’t use djay 2 or djay pro for iPhone anymore as I have had issues with disappearing cue points. So sorry, I won’t test those for you if that’s what you are running.

You don’t seem to have any idea what this thread is about. The mixon 4s mapping doesn’t work properly in djay pro for iPad.

The mixon 4 has a proprietary cable that charges the iPad while it is connected to the iPad. No one who is posting here would use the camera connection kit.

As for the validity of your post, the Genuine apple camera connection kit works fine for all midi devices, if you had problems with yours I’m guessing it was broke or a knock off.

I’ve got one. Thinking about selling. Make an offer…

Is there any way to select the Fx 1 2 or 3 through knobs?
And is it somehow possible to not change all parameters on all 3 fx if I want to change only one? If I have the Echo/delay set, and want to do a sweep with the tonaliser its really fucks it up the the echo changes too! just starting to transfer from Beatpad 1 to mixon 4 but I was struggling at first with the whole fx set up! I also miss the Instant Fx suppose there is no way of getting them back (ideally even changeable)?

And a Big plus one on the Link LPF/HPF to Fx 1 Parameter without it being enabled thru button 4…

Haven’t checked the firmware jet though…

Pitchplay works, as I found out instant FX too (just hidden as a second layer) I love my mixon 4 wouldn’t want to give it back! The only real annoying thing is that they exchanged the fx parameter knob to a rasternd one, no my sweeps with the Tonaliser fx aren’t smooth but sound stepped… except that I’m happy in love!

@ The Riddler. Why are you going into multiple threads posting erroneous comments? Camera connection kit works fine for MIDI gear with multiple apps both DJ and NON DJ alike. Lastly you may note that the topics you are posted on have already been answered and the fact the answers conflict with yours should be your first indication you may have no idea what you are talking about. Best to stick with things you know about and when someone politely calls you on it try not to attempt to belittle or insult them as it only makes it seem like more of a reach.

@ray hit me up with what you’d like for the controller. Djsureshot.orlando@gmail.com thanks!

Hey guys,

I am very sorry for the belated response.
I gathered the functions you guys pointed out and checked them.
So far I added those Bugs to our issue tracker:

-Shift + Load(Channel 4) does not switch between libraries.
-Shift + Browse Knob does not switch between library tabs.
-Shift + Sampler Button does not open Sampler View.
-Shift + Parameter 1/2 do not Shift the Key.
-Shift + Lock does not change the Pitch Range.
-Shift + Loop Knob shifts both the track and the loop, instead of shifting only the Loop forwards or backwards.
-Key Sync syncs all decks, should only sync the deck selected to the active deck.

Regarding the quantisation issue, i generally forwarded this, manual quantisation should be possible when the track is paused, right?
Also one question @Roy, the “Shift Tap(23) up at the beats/ param” the Tap button is working for me and is resetting the beat grid, am I wrong here?

Sorry for the belated reply and be assured that we are working on these issues and trying to improve your general Mixon 4 experience.

Lukas E.

The fader start (shift + fader) feature doesn’t work either.

I’m running:
Mixon 4 firmware v2118
iPad Pro iOS v10.2
djay Pro v1.0.4

I’m not sure if this is a software problem or a hardware problem but others have confirmed they experience the same “issues”.

Is Algoriddim investigating?

Reloop personnel acknowledged my thread about this on their forum and expressed they are investigating the issue.

I just visited their site and Reloop_Matze posted that Algoriddim does not support the features presently. I gather that means it’s a software issue.

Hopefully these are being rolled into the next release.

Shift Tab(23) works for me. Sometimes it takes a 5-7 seconds for the change to be visible because it was reanalyzing the track.

Thanks for posting. It was lonely in here until Roy came along.