iPad vs android tablet

Hi all. I was wondering. Has anyone used djay on android? With the majority of us, being iOS and macOS users, I was interested to find out the stability, effectiveness and efficiencys of djay on android especially using some of the new Samsung tablets which are rather large and would make for excellent viewing.

To add to this what about windows? Not that I would ever change to windows lol but interested to know. Should I create a separate thread for Windows as it might be a completely different discussion?

Here’s one Samsung user: Pre Cue Headphones doesn’t work on Android 10 USB-C with djay 3.0.4 and Reloop Mixtour - #58 by DJSchnitzel

The tablet market is an iPad market - and not just when it comes to using Djay Pro. If you want to run reasonably, there is no way around the iPad.

Yeah. You can find a solid working setup on Android too of course, but iPad is the safest bet for sure.

Precursor: I’m not an Android user. But: from what we’ve seen here in the forums and from the information on djay‘s Google Play Store page, we can glean that the Android version of djay is behind the iOS version in several ways:

  • it is missing the „Pro“ in name as a first hint
  • it hasn’t been updated since May
  • users are complaining about stability
  • several important features from the iOS version are missing, for example Neural Mix, DVS, BeatSource + BeatPort compatibility
  • the list of compatible hardware is a lot shorter, with only 9 controllers officially being supported, compared with probably more than 50 on iOS (I’m on my phone and the list is too long to count for me in a reasonable amount of time)

If you’re on the fence, all this information will hopefully make it easier to decide for you.

I started with djay on an Android tablet, and in comparison to it running on a mac (never mind an ipad), it was clear which platform to go with.
I can’t speak to the windows version, but of the 3 platforms, in general: the majority of creative types of all sorts use and prefer Apple hardware, whether it be for Audio recording/editing, video stuff, graphic arts and now dj performances.
the system I’m currently using is a 2011 iMac. rock solid. last I looked, they were $300ish last I checked, and probably less now.

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