Jogwheels Reloop Mixon 8 pro not tracking properly

I have a platter issue I think. On right side it’s just not as responsive, feels stiffer and you just can’t scratch properly. I’m sending it back for repair as out of 30 days. Only 6 months from new so should get it repaired through bop dj. Shame as it’s a great controller but there’s some issues with it as others have had similar.

Thanks for sharing this @Dysfunk_DJ. Hopefully this fixes things for you.

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Try other software like virtualdj. If the platters respond properly with other software, it might not be a hardware issue. I found my mixon 8 platters not as thight as virtualdj responding, as with djaypro.
Now i switched to denon lc6000, platters respond way better in djaypro, but is even more thighter with virtualdj. Makes me think algoriddim could change the way they read the platters-coding :thinking:

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Thanks for this. Even with no software right jog wheel is not as responsive as left.


Based on this description, this really sounds like a hardware issue.

Hey there. How are you finding your xone mixer and lc6000? Seems like a really good solid set up. How do you connect 6000’s to mixer? Is the xone mappable as well? Be good to see how you got neural mix mapped. :sunglasses:

I’ve noticed the same thing with my LC6000. It works ok with DJay Pro but it works MUCH better with Serato DJ Pro and Virtual DJ. My only issue with Virtual DJ is the screen doesn’t display anything. Serato and DJay Pro at least make use of the screen. DJay Pro requires a bit of configuring to get a good feel with the LC6000 but with Serato, it just works with no need to adjust anything.

My Mixon 8 had platter issues with all of the software I tried it with.

What set up have you gone for now?

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allmost all the knobs and sliders on the Xone PX5 are midi mappable. the low - mid - high knobs can be neuralmix knobs, but if you do so, you can no longer use the analog low-mid-high filters on the px5-hardware at the same time which is a bummer because that is where the PX5 really shines.
I also added a Akai Midimix for hands-on controlls of Djay’s effects and another mdi-controller M-Vave SMC-mixer to controle my reverb/delay plugins in my 2nd ipadpro.
It was a dope setup, but still not satisfied with LC6000 tracking on Djay jogs.

i realised this is too much of a hassle. when i get a booking it will take me an hour to setup the whole thing :woozy_face: :face_with_diagonal_mouth: so… i took all the gear back to the store and exchanged it for a Denon Prime 4+ it works out the box with DjayPro (except for the 10" screen, but just put your ipad on top of the 10" screen) and if the ipad even fails for some reason, you can fallback on the standalone features of the prime4+. it has mini oled screens for effect-controls which are mapped thru Djay, you can operate all Djay’s features without touching your ipad. i got it just an hour ago… i’ll be busy playing and testing tonite :sunglasses:

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Oh that’s dope. Is it officially supported the Denon prime 4 +?

i had the same thing as you with the LC6000, still not as tight as VirtualDJ or Serato and the led-ring animation representing the platter-turning-tracking inside the jogwheel has a bit of a latency. not the tracking itself, but just de tracking-animation-ring.

now i got the Prime4+ today and had the same with Djay. the tracking is pretty tight but it’s tracking animation led-ring has some noticeable latency. but aal the other thongs work pretty good (so far) :sunglasses:

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yes Denon Prime 4+ is native supported (except for the 10" onboard screen)

here’s a video from someone who demos Djaypro on a ipad and using prime4+ as a controller

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Oh bummer. My poor wallet

Sweep effects are they denons or mapped to djay?

yes they do all four of them :+1:

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Lovely. USB B to IPad I take it looking at the back of it. Looks really nice. I’ll wait to see what happens with my Mixon 8. I’m in the process of returning, it’s 6 months old so will be for repair only as under manufacturers watery still.

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I went with the Rane Seventy and the Denon LC6000. I already had the Rane Seventy and it just made sense to continue using it instead of getting another all in one controller.


Can’t go wrong with Rane

After a day or so testing, how you finding the prime 4?

So far pretty good actually. i like everything about the prime4+… except for the reverb (way too short tails) it isn’t as good as Djay’s complex-reverb
that’s the only reason i still use my Prime4+ with Djaypro… otherwise i can play standalone on prime4 no laptop or ipad needed