Key Detection Comparison 2021

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Very interesting. The stats for djay are in line with my own personal experience.

I thought other softwares would have a similar accuracy, but it’s very interesting to see that some are much better than others.


Based on multiple replies in the mix in key YouTube page, I gave it a try and it’s VERY good, arguably the best on the market. Not an endorsement per say…but truth is truth…

Maybe they could team up with a third party like

Personally, I don’t need djay’s key analysis engine to be better.
Most professional DJ’s use Mixed In Key anyway.

I need the ability to edit the key tag in the iOS app.

It doesn’t matter that I spend a whole day massaging tracks in Platinum Notes, then Mixed in Key and finally then in MP3Tag (or Meta).

djay is going to replace my hard work (tagging the files) anyway.

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Hi @bascurtiz, thank you for this great comparison!

From the djay version number in the results data it looks like you were using the Windows version of djay. Please note that our Mac and iOS versions contain a much improved key detection, which from our testing should compare to some of the other competitors with higher accuracy.

While we are also working on bringing this improved key detection to Windows, please feel free to contact our support if you need access to our Mac or iOS version for updating this comparison.

Hi @Anders ,
I asked before hand how I’d export the keys from djay Pro AI, but it seems there is no way, according to customer support: How to Export Keys determined by djay Pro AI?

If you are willing to help me getting these results out of djay Pro AI in a reasonable way, I’d love to update the results!
You can contact me at bascurtiz(at)gmail(dot)com

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Sounds great, thanks for the positive response!

Give me a couple days to try to figure out with our dev team if we can find a way for you to access those results.

Hi @bascurtiz, as noted in the thread you linked above we’ve now added the functionality to export the key info in CSV files.

Give me a shout if there’s anything else you need to update the results!

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Will try v4.0.9 and test this weekend and let you know when I’ve updated the key analysis comparison.


Hereby the results, based on djay Pro AI v4.0.9 (macOS):

Big improvement: from ~56,0% to ~70,1% accuracy!
Let’s implement that same algorithm into the Windows version :wink:

Updated chart + imgur link in the original topic.


That sounds awesome and immediately raises the question: How do we get the new key information if all our music is already analyzed?

Thank you @bascurtiz, looks great! :sunglasses:

That sounds awesome and immediately raises the question: How do we get the new key information if all our music is already analyzed?

djay Pro AI has always had the new key detection, no need to re-analyze.

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So what you’re really saying is that it’s relatively old already… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: