Laidback Luke switches from Denon to djay Pro AI

I missed this and thought it would be interesting for you fellow folks here: Laidback Luke is now publicly embracing djay Pro AI and raves about being able to perform from just his phone. At a time when there are many forum members complaining about the lack of progress, it’s motivating to see a big name get behind djay Pro AI and choosing it as his primary work system. I hope he also gets to talk to the Algoriddim dev team to hopefully get some feedback in, especially looking at everything that we have suggested in the past.

Anyway, here’s a video of him announcing his departure from Denon:

He’s used djay Pro AI for TomorrowLand which is the biggest stage I’ve known so far where djay has been used. :open_mouth: From the pictures, it looks like a Pioneer setup that is connected to his phone

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I’m not sure, but I think the setup with the iPhone and Pioneer Gear was just for the press. Anyway, until now I was of the opinion that CDJs cannot be used with Djay Pro AI on iOS. Is that different in the meantime? Otherwise, Reloop is also mentioned in the video as the favorite brand because of the good connection to Djay Pro AI. I would welcome it extremely if one of the “big players” would compete at a festival like Tomorrowland with other hardware than Pioneer, but I don’t think that will happen soon.

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Saw the video the other day. Although I got the impression it’s a switch to Reloop first, hopefully he’ll be in close contact with Algoriddim too…

@Chris_R @djjoejoe @Mister_Tuur his phone is plugged into a Reloop Mixtour and he uses it alongside the Media Players.

My understanding is that Luke started using Algoriddim djay Pro AI first - mainly for Neural Mix. I believe initially he was just using his phone plugged into a spare mixer channel with no hardware as a 3rd deck for on the fly acapellas. Since Denon could never quite get the implementation working properly with djay he started looking at other hardware with tight integration - enter Reloop Mixtour.

He has another video where he talks more specifically about his future Reloop hardware setup. It sounds like he hasn’t settled on a specific hardware configuration, but he’s been testing out the RP-8000 turntables and Elite mixer. Also considering the Mixon 8 Pro.


I agree, but the video sounds like he’s made an arrangement with Reloop.

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@Mister_Tuur yes, he’s definitely made an agreement with Reloop.

Mixtour popping up again. Definitely a backpack-proof setup. :wink:

DJAY & Mixtour walkthrough…

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He also posted a video recently, on Instagram I think, using the Reloop Mixon 8 Pro at home. I love seeing this stuff!


A quick question about the video: Where is the setting for the crossfader described at 6’45 min (crossfader on/off)?

@Chris_R go to Settings>MIDI Devices>SCRATCH SETTINGS and turn Crossfader Cutting Mode ON.

Sometimes it’s that simple… Thank you!

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No problem. You’re welcome!


Nice automation going on there…

What I noticed here again has less to do with the setup: When did it start that people dared to call a track with a length of 3’33 an “extended mix”? That used to be the standard for the Airplay version, for the club there were few tracks with a playing time of less than 5’00, usually it was more. Sure, it’s mainly to do with streaming (shorter tracks = more plays = higher revenue), but for me as a DJ it takes some of the fun out of it.

And one more question: At 13’40 it is pointed out that four decks are available with this mobile setup. The controller is for two decks, the others would then have to be used directly via the smartphone - or do you see another solution?

Otherwise a nice video, which I’m sure not everyone will like, but still shows that expensive equipment alone doesn’t make a good DJ. In the end, it’s the result that counts. And if we’re honest, the “craft of DJing” has long since ceased to be appreciated by the audience.


@Chris_R it’s true that the Mixtour can’t control 4 decks with the default mapping, but you could probably custom MIDI Map some Deck 3 & 4 controls to a Shift Layer.

I’ve been getting more and more comfortable using djay Pro with my iPad. I don’t think I could get used to using it on my phone all of the time. It is nice to know that the phone can be use as a back up device.

Agreed, way too small of a screen on the iPhone

More from Laidback Luke:

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Interesting. Djay pro AI staff sort of confirming Wednesday official release of 5.0 :point_up: