Latest Version update 3.8.10

Before I update, has anyone encountered any hiccups with the latest update?

Hi @maurizio_T,

Is there a particular bug/hiccup that you are watching out for in which I could be of some assistance?

Looking forward to hearing back from you. Have a nice day!

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Thanks Nathaniel or chiming in,
I don’t have any bug/hiccup to report but at times of late there have been updates that actually have caused problems, I think from memory that there was a problem with 3.8.8 that was quickly fixed with 3.8.9.

My post in this thread is what I am referring to…

The only thing that I would like to add is that to be honest I’m frequently on this Forum and am always looking out for others users problems and requests/suggestions and I don’t think that I have seen that any of the updates address the suggestions/requests that users ask for…

For Example, this latest update which is Version 3.8.10,
One of the features is the Dj School videos, I don’t think I have ever heard of anyone on here asking for this feature to be implemented and to be honest there are hundreds of YouTube on how to Dj, granted that DJ Angelo is an Excellent Dj and yeah although I don’t need to watch/Learn anything from the Videos, I’m sure there are others that do,
Shazam integration is another feature that I don’t ever recall seeing anyone asking for, yet it was featured in an update a while ago and I still don’t understand what I would use it for,

However, I as well as many others have had multiple requests/suggestions for things we would like to see in updates and they appear to fall on deaf ears, Key Lock on as default for example is one of many suggestions that have been asked over a long period of time by multiple users but yet with every update we don’t appear to see anything game changing…

Pitch and Play (Pitch n’ Time) would be a great feature that many users would love to have, and have asked for,
And given that Algoriddim is a subscription based software, I would like to think that mine, and every other user on here’s money is actually going into research for new and game changing features…
I could understand that when Djay 2 was a one off fee, it probably was financial feasible to improve it,

I think the last major improvement was Neutral Mix, now that was a game changer and worth every penny paid for…

I have only ever used Algoriddim Dj software, never tried Serato, Virtual Dj or Traktor and don’t ever intend on changing as I have found this to be pretty solid but it could be much better with what I would think to be little changes…


Hi @maurizio_T,

Thank you for pointing me to your additional thread!

I will go ahead and pass this along to our dev team for further review.

We truly appreciate your dedication to djay and Algoriddim as a whole!

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