Latests Update for iPad -

Just updated to latests version for iPad . When playing record in either Wave or Normal viewing mode, both Wave and Record mode seem to Jump on the screen, its not a smooth action, if you hit Sync button in Wave mode, the lines don’t match up, they are jumping all over the place, its not good.

Another upgrade Im now wishing I didn’t undertake this side of Christmas, given the events I have to do, might undo. Also, downloaded DJ Pro, its the same in that version as well

Please sort ASAP


I ran DJay PRO with an 128GB iPad PRO and a Reloop Beatpad last night for a 5 hour set

absolutely no issues.

I suspect the processor on the older iPads are not able to keep up?

Is there a way to turn off the keyboard features. When using my keyboard when searching for a song that is more than one word the deck PAUSES when pressing the space button . That means I can not use my Apple wireless keyboard because it’s lost it’s functionality to help me type in songs that I’m looking for. This is one of many issues I’m having right now since I’ve downloaded DJAY PRO.
Get your shit together, please.

Yeah Lukas thanks for responding you all have our money, and you are slowing us down from making it back! Thanks for the response tho, and stop the pro version from crackling when flipping screens, and we need mapping for the Mixdeck quad would like to controll all decks from controller please…solid app until now!

I’m using a Mixdeck quad, and a 4th gen 128g iPad and I downloaded Djay pro, I love the four deck option, but it’s gotta be a easier way to control it the decks from my controller. Come on algoriddim we’ve all been loyal. And you all have had a solid app until now!


Yep same thing :frowning:
Try after drinking some ti’punch but still bad scrolling !!!

30 minutes into this flickering waveform mess and I’m short of an epileptic fit !!

Using iPad Air 2 with djay 2 and djay Pro

Worst. Update. Ever.

Problems with the library, wave forms are jittery, the program locks up and is unstable, and this is on a iPhone 6s+ and Apple iPad Air 2, so I know hardware is not the problem.


Responce please…\

This seems to be a massive problem for all concerned!! Allgoriddum, any comments from you? this needs to be sorted ASAP, this App is not just used by Bedroom Djays, I use it for private Gigs, and Bar work…please give this the time it needs

Not a happy crimbo for me at the moment, thinking of undoing update, but don’t wanna have to re analyse all of my tracks and lose all of my start points, which by the way is also an annoying aspect of updates, do you realise how long it takes to analyses 5000 tracks?

Sort it please


While the App looks ok now, what concerns me is the panic the update has caused.

As I have said before, this App is used on a professional level as well. The issues were not in the background, they took me about 2 seconds to spot and start sweating over, Waveforms jumping all over the place, Sync not matching, how did Algoriddim not spot this if they did not follow a strict testing procedure.

You cannot deliver an update if it has not been tested to the max.

Algoriddim, whilst i love the App, please please please, don’t deliver an update that hasn’t been tested by a user population…

Happy Crimbo

Djing in a bar tonight, much happier now, all looks like back to normal.

Will give the Pro version ago another time, but for tonight, its my old favourite.

Happy crimbo fellow users .

Power to the people (or the DJs)


Thanks a bunch… I use this app along with the Numark controller and it screwed my set the other night. I don’t know that I’ll get enough songs analyzed before my gig tonight… but it’ll be better than the other night. Never would have though of this… love the app…but lesson learned with automatic updates.

I just tested the same 2 songs, firt in djay 2 and then djay pro for ipad. Looks like it runs a bit smoother in pro for ipad.

My guess is that it will not take long for the first pioneer an reloop 4 ch ipad controllers to show up.
The mixdeck quad is nice gear, but starting to get a bit old. I would not count on to much support.

Hi guys,

We are already aware of some bugs in the latest update but we’re already working on a fix for these bugs.
There will be another update before christmas!
We’re very sorry for the inconvenience and kindly ask for patience in the meantime!

Best regards,

Hi Guys,

I’m glad to tell you, that the update is now online. Please download it from the App Store and check it out.
We’re very sorry for all the inconveniences caused by the last update.
Don’t hesitate to contact our Support-Team ( if there’s still something wrong with your app.


Algoriddim has no customer service…
they are trashing their reputation.
There are dozens of these threads with problems and NO communication from Algoriddim…
really a shame.

They are just not responsive to requests from my experience. Don’t know what’s wrong with these folks.