Library View - “Comments”

Please add an option for “Comments” (taken from the ID3 tags on MP3’s and WAVs), and allow the sorting by things category.

There’s already a thread for this topic. Head over here and cast your vote:

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I was asked by NathanielAlgo to create this post, as it was part of an earlier suggested.
But I’ll upvote that one, too.

BTW, his suggestion is to add a comment section that can be edited. I think he’s talking about adding information not already in the metadata in the music file itself.

My request is to show the existing “Comments” embedded in the MP3/WAV already in the Library View.

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This would be so helpful. This is how i’ve organised things in my playlists. I do a lot of 3-5 hour sets and it’s helpful to categorise huge playlists so I can keep a vibe going and then switch it up when I want to. It’s simple functionality - just need a column in the library section that reads the ID3 comments tag.

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