Linked Files…how to delete

I want to delete ‘linked files’ in bulk but it’s only allowing me to delete one at a time. I don’t need those songs any longer (over 1000 songs). What are the files linked to? I’ve tried deleting data, cache, the library file and nothing is working. Every time I open the app, the same greyed out files keep appearing in the linked files library. Please help. Thanks in advance.

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I may have found a work around…Instead off adding individual files, I added folders instead. When doing it that way, no individual files are added to the linked file playlist. Therefore, eliminating the need to delete individual files. Not sure how it’ll work when creating playlists.

Soooo, when adding songs to a playlist, it saves the files to the ‘linked Files’ playlist, and reads the songs from the linked folders you create. Hope this helps somebody :laughing:

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