Linking songs - possible with djay? (Related Songs)

Hello DJs family!
I’m looking for a way to link matching songs. So if songs go well together - I would like to link them so that I can find songs more quickly later when time is tight. Does anyone have an idea how I can do this on the MAC in DJProAi?
Thanks in advance for your support.
Greetings Siggi


Hi @DJSIGGI, this is possible on macOS. It’s called Related songs and was explained well by DJ_Big_Blender in this topic:

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Many thanks for the tip. That’s exactly what I was looking for. Perfect. Mega! Best regards from Cologne/Germany


You’re welcome @DJSIGGI

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I am thrilled to have discovered this hidden gem of a feature and equally pleased that @Slak_Jaw has been able to share this with you also.

Have fun! Best regards from the Netherlands

Stealing from another DJ Software, I would find this - besides the still missing track suggestions from local files feature on iOS - particularly helpful:

Link songs together in a list if, for example, you have noticed that a mix or transition is particularly successful or that you particularly like. This works like your own private live feedback based on your own history and/or manually selected tracks.

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Hi @koenigflo, please use search before creating new topics. I’ve merged your new topic with this existing one. This feature is already available on macOS. Please see above. Thanks!

… but not on iOS (as explained in my request), the same way that suggested tracks source from the local library is (still) not available on iOS / iPadOS

My mistake @koenigflo. Your original post was tagged as macOS. Here’s the existing suggestions for iOS:

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