MacOS Big Sur Compatibility

Hi, can you confirm if djay Pro 2 and/or Neural Mix Pro will be compatible with MacOS Big Sur? Would you recommend holding off installing on release or will there not be an issue?

Yes, this would be great to know!

Has it been confirmed at all to work on macOS ?

It should work on the new M processor Macs announced yesterday

It definitely works on the current OS but I’d like to hear if it’s fully compatible with the new OS out this week before I upgrade.

Based on the Apple website showing an image of djay Pro when talking about the Machine Learning and Neural Engine of the M1 chip, I would be confident it will work with the M1 processors at some point, hopefully from the roll out.

I was looking up the new M1 chip,

  • 8 cores, 4 will be some kind of “high” cores, 4 for background tasks some “low power” cores to extend the battery life time
  • 8 GPU cores
  • at the moment also including internal maxed 16Gb mem

I’m guessing that the 16 core neural engine is on the same chip as well.

But… I hope we will see a good amount of reviews before Christmas …

So if the M1 is “close enough” to the Apple A14 Bionic it should not require a lot of changes on code, but that we will see.

As it looks like the ipad / iphone apps should work at least through the “Rosetta 2”. It could mean that we could run the latest ipad djpro version on this 13inch macbook pro. But if “Rosetta 2” increases delays like video/audio out of sync, increases delays getting commands from controller to app?

And the all-new version released today. That should answer our questions! Universal subscription between Apple devices, looks pretty good so far.

Hi All,

As a couple of you have pointed out here, we’ve just announced the release of djay Pro AI for Mac:

Please note that our development team has been hard at work to ensure a smooth transition to the new macOS Big Sur for our Mac apps: djay Pro AI, djay Pro 2, and Neural Mix Pro. However, should you encounter any issues at all during this transition, please let our team know and we’ll be happy to investigate.

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