Manual bpm please

Manual bpm edit? Well i have the djay app from iphone and ipad and many songs have different results, and the tap button doesn’t work cos the loop function can not create a clean tempo (noises at the beginning or at the end of the looping section)

Yes i really like to modify manually the bpm and after i modify the chanche of bpm, it shows on the grid because in some tracks the bpm calc isnt accurated

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Manually enter BPM.

So first of all, thank you guys for making the pitch bend option available for all iPads that support djay 2. I’m glad I don’t have to go buy a new iPad! :slight_smile:

Anyway, this is a feature request. The ability to manually enter the BPM of a track would really be the one feature djay is currently missing that would make it pretty much perfect to me. It’s a little annoying when I want to play a track that I produced myself, so I know the bpm is, say, 148, but the analyzer thinks it’s 148.1 or 147.9 and in order to convince it otherwise, I have to try to tap it until it hits 148.0 - and even THEN it gets off, perhaps because it’s just rounding to the nearest tenth. A manual bpm field would fix this problem pretty much instantly.

I sincerely hope this is something you can include in the next update. Thank you in advance!

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Manual BPM Entry.

Building off of… , what we need is a manual BPM entry thing.