Manually adjust the grid (beat match)

Please bring back the functionality that was already there in previous versions of dJay for iOS !!!

Previously it was possible to adjust the beat grid in two ways:

  1. Set the “downbeat” / “beat one”. <= this is still possible
  2. Shift the grid left and right. <= this is still possible.
  3. Manually correct an incorrect beat detection and make the grid longer / shorter, ie. faster / slower. <= THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE ANYMORE
  4. Manually double or half the beat grid, because the automatic beat detection only detected every second beat <= THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE ANYMORE. I need this.

Please bring back that functionality!


Hi @doogie,

Thanks for the suggestion!

I will make sure that our dev team is aware of this and let you and the community know when there is an update on manual adjustment.

Looking forward to your next great post!

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I hope this get some votes :crossed_fingers:t4::+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3:

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