Map neural mix acapella to DDJ-400

I use a DDJ-400 and have been loving the Instrumental/Acappella mixer with Djay Pro.
I would love to map this to my deck so I don’t have to use my computer to remove vocals from the track.

I understand that you can map the EQ controllers to vocals/instruments/beats but I would like to keep my EQ controls as I prefer to mix with these. I just need a quick way to remove vocals from a track when mixing in two songs with vocals.


I don’t have a DDJ 400 but I was able to map my Hi, Mid, Low Eq dials both on my Rane One and my Reloop Buddy using the Shift button,
So basically Shift + High Eq Controls Vocals, Shift + Mid Eq Controls Harmony, Shift + Low Eq Controls Drums.
I also have other Buttons mapped to Kill the Vocals, Harmonies and Drums…

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Just put the function to remove the vocals on one of the last performance pads. You probably won’t use eight cue points on a regular basis either :wink:


Hi @justjames,

Thanks for posting to the community for the first time!

@Chris_R and @maurizio_T both have some great suggestions regarding your hardware question.

Please let me know if you would like further instruction or clarification!

Thanks all. @NathanielAlgo, could you point me in the direction to an article that shows me how to remap my deck in the way suggested? I can only find the keyboard shortcuts in Djay Pro. Thanks

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Not sure if this would be applicable to the DDJ-400 as this worked for the Rane One and the Reloop Buddy and this is on an iPad so again I don’t know if it would be the same for a Mac or Windows version…

With the Controller connected to the iPad,
Click on the Yellow Djay Pro icon
Click on the Settings icon (cog wheel)
Click on Midi Devices
Select your Midi Device, it should have DDJ-400, Select that.
You will now see the Midi Map page…
Anytime you move a dial, knob or button on your controller, it will correspond to a midi command…
So to Map Shift + EQ on each deck,

Press Shift and then turn the High EQ knob simultaneously on Deck 1 then release,
In Target select Deck 1
In Action scroll down until you see
(Neural Mix Volume) 3 Ch: Vocals
Select that

Next repeat the process with Shift + Mid EQ
In Target select Deck 1
In Action scroll down until you see
(Neural Mix Volume) 3 Ch: Harmonic)
Select that

Next repeat the process with Shift + Low EQ
In Target select Deck 1
In Action scroll down until you see
(Neural Mix Volume) 3 Ch: Drums)
Select that

Repeat the exact same process with the Deck 2

I have also Mapped Cue 5, Cue 6, Cue 7 on each deck to Mute the Vocals, Harmonic and Drums…

To do this basically follow the above steps with the difference being
Touch Cue 5
In Target select Deck 1
In Action select Neural Mix Mute (3Ch: Vocals)
And so forth with Cue 6 being Neural Mix Mute (3 Ch: Harmonic) and
Cue 7 being Neural Mix Mute (3Ch: Drums)
Repeat the same for Deck 2.

Once finished select Save.
This will now create a new edited Map which will always be loaded until you change it…

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Hi @justjames,

While we do not have a FAQ dedicated to this topic here are some helpful links that will aid you in mapping Neural Mix controls as you seek.

List of available MIDI actions in djay

How do I MIDI map a controller on djay Pro AI for iOS?

Thank you @maurizio_T as well for providing those helpful instructions!