Mapping for the Pioneer DDJ-SB2 available?

Anybody having a working mapping for the Pioneer DDJ-SB2?

Is there a chance to have this controller work natively soon?

I’m thinking about buying a DDJ-SB2 but was wondering if there is a button on the controller that is mapped by djay pro to set a cue point on a track?

Works for me also.

this is exactly what i was looking for! hopefully this works. thanks!

Not a real anwser, but it wont work with the denon MC6000.
The ipad sais the controller cionsumes to much power (Even with the adapter connected).

Hello, I just returned a DDJ -Sr cause it’s not working with iPad DJAY PRO. It tried using a we-cai cable which works with We-Go 1, how ever that did not help or work. It says that it draws too much power. Being that DDJ SB2 is suppose to work with an iPad , will it work with DJAY pro iPad?

We generally do not make any promises. In case there are any official news on supporting the Pioneer DDJ-SB2, we’ll post it here.

I’m also looking for a mapping for the DDJ-SB2

Thanks for sharing! It’s working good, I’ve only changed the behavior of the jogwheels for pitch bending.

The DDJ-SB2 is suported since the last update.

On an unrelated matter, what case did you purchase for your SP to Raymon on an unrelated matter, what case did you purchase for your DDJ SB2 Ramon? I too just ordered the SB2 and I’m looking forward to the mapping as well

How do you like your SB2 so far? I am looking at that or WEGO 3. Any thoughts?

I made the same decision regarding DJ controllers. Just ordered the SB2 in hopes that native control with DJay Pro would be possible soon.

Miles, Thank you for the mapping, it works great! how did you get your pre-cueing to work?

Count me in as well!

What do I do after I have dropped the file to right folder?

Nothing happens in my Djay Pro. Do you see downloaded file as txt. file? Any other steps in addition to dropping the mapping?

Nothing happens even after I have deleted the txt extension, closed Djay Pro and started it again. Perhaps somebody can go through all the stages from download to getting mapping to work. Help much appreciated

Ok, I played around with the midi learning tool and created a mapping file:
Mapping for Pioneer DDJ-SB2

It’s pretty new and there are probably some bugs in it.

I also changed the behaviour for the “manual loop” section.

Please try it and give feedback.

To find the correct spot to place the midi mapping file, place it in ~/Library/Application Support/Algoriddim/MIDI Mappings/

An easy way to find the folder is to

  1. Open djay Pro
  2. Plug the DDJ SB2 in
    • A pop-up should appear asking you whether you want to configure the new midi mapping of the controller, say yes
  • or, open the midi mapping tool via the menu “MIDI” -> “Configure DDJ-SB2”
  • or, press cmd-y
  1. In the midi mapping dialog press the “Share configuration”-button, next to “Midi configuration” drop down list, and press “Show in finder”

This should open the finder in the correct spot.