"Match" does not work on my iPhone/iPad. v3.7.4

On both my iPhone and iPad, the “Match” functionality does not appear to be working.

It works flawlessly on my MacBook Air.

It didn’t work with v3.7.3 either.

All tracks have been analyzed.

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Still doesn’t work with today’s release. Is anyone else having this problem?

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Hi @kokernutz,

Thanks for reporting this issue and my apologies for the late reply.

I’ve just reproduced the issue here on our devices, and it seems that Match works as expected when signed into a supported streaming service (eg, TIDAL), but it’s not working as expected with locally stored tracks. Is that the case for you as well?

I’ve passed this information along to our development team for further investigation. Thank you again for bringing this to our attention, and I’ll keep you updated here.

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Yes, this is for locally stored tracks. I don’t subscribe to any of the streaming services.


using djay with pro subscription on iPad.

I’m not sure I got it right after searching the forums and looking in the handbook: Does “Track Match” work for my own collection of music or does it only work with streaming services? With my current 150+ titles synced from iTunes, there’s never a recommended next track in the library.


Hi @koenigflo, Our team is currently working on improving the Match feature for local tracks in djay, so it’s timely that you’ve reached out about this now!

Currently, Match works on iOS to provide similar tracks from within TIDAL, SoundCloud, or Beatport/Beatsource’s full libraries, as long as you’re signed into one of these streaming services in djay. This also works if you’re playing your own music via the iTunes/Music source in djay’s library, at which point you’ll see TIDAL tracks suggested as Matching songs (for example).

Could you please tell me if you’re logged into one of the streaming services currently or not? And if you’re not, could you please confirm that you never get any matches with all of your local tracks, or just with some of them?

Thanks and hope to hear from you again.

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Hi Emily, thanks for getting back!

  1. I’m currently not logged in into Tidal, even though I have a subscription. Since I like to record my mixes, using a streaming service is not an option.
  2. I have no track matches, whatsoever ,on my local tracks. I assume they should appear after analysis of the tracks - or does it take a while? NB: My track ID3 tags have key and energy information from Mixedinkey. In case the track match feature would rely on ID3 tags alone, this could be a problem, I assume(?).

Thanks for the additional information! That’s very helpful.

Could you please tell me if all the tracks in your iTunes/Music library source have been analyzed, and then you still get no matches? You can easily analyze all of the songs using the Analyze Songs option for your Music as shown here:

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Yes, all tracks are analyzed (note the key and BPM) but no matches.

Thanks for providing the additional information. It looks like you’re experiencing the same issue as was reported on this already existing bug report, so I’ve merged your thread with this one to track all together.

I’ve passed the additional information to our Development Team, and I’ll keep you updated here as soon as I have any news about this issue. Thanks in advance for your patience.

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I am using DJAY Pro on an iPad Pro 12.9 with the latest version 3.1.7 with the lates IOS Software as a Pro Subscription User.
I have all my tracks imported via the “Files”-App in my DJAY music-collection, in total 1923 songs, mainly 80s and 90s songs, nothing fancy.

I don’t see any “matching songs” when I am using the “Match”-function when looking for new tracks. Of course, there should be plenty of matching songs with the same BMP und the same KEY.

Is this a bug or what is going wrong? I tried at least 30 songs, its always “no matching songs”

What Can I do about it?
Thank you very much


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Hi @reporter123, Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear about this problem with Match. I’ve moved your post over to this already existing bug report as it sounds like the same issue.

I’ll keep you updated here as soon as I have any news about this issue from our Dev Team. Thanks in advance for your patience.

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Thanks for merging, I searched but didn’t find this thread. I have exact the same issue as already reported above. Thanks for fixing this.


I have the same issue as well, no matches, I’m only using playlists from the Apple Music app, no streaming services.


While we’re at it, it would be great if - once the feature is fixed on iOS - you could filter such matches of restrict them e.g. to a playlist. So e.g. show me all matches coming from my playlist “Techhouse” or something like that.


Thanks for your suggestion for an additional filter for the Match feature. I’ll pass along your feedback about this as well to our Development Team to take into consideration. Thanks again for your patience while our team is working on this!

So are there any updates concerning this bug?

Our team is still looking into this issue to improve the handling of local tracks for the Match functionality on iOS. I’ll keep you posted here when I have news.

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Hey everyone,

Just a random suggestion; can you impliment local library matching on the library tab, the fact I have to have SoundCloud or tidal to use that feature is a bit anoying.