Track drag'n'drop and second sort key and other browser improvements

For the sake of convenience of working with playlists in music library it’s good to have in the new year new beautiful versions of djay Pro AI with:

  • secondary sort key (Serato style).
  • browser must remeber state of sorting and position for each playlist separately.
  • to have opportunity to drag tracks not only to decks, but also from deck to playlists
  • need additional filters for rules in smart playlist: Date last played, Number of plays, Match. Match is dynamic rule, getting actual Key and actual live Tempo from active deck. Key preference (straight or &adjacent) and Tempo limits (±%) can be configurable in preferences.
  • musthave inline editing of at least Comment!, Title, Artist fields (or at least popup screen Like in Mixed in Key)
  • saved loops visible in waveforms
  • “Refresh library” actually update changed MP3 tags in tracks
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Hi @Mikhail_Kapyrin,

Thanks for posting in the Algoriddim Community. Some of the stuff you’ve mentioned has already been mentioned here in the Community before.

→ Has been discussed here Question about Bpm & Key

→ Has been discussed here Persistent Filters (currently they are constantly reset)

→ Are you referring to a My Collection (djay logo) playlist? Could you please explain a scenario where you’d use that? Would it not be easier to use the library for this?

→ Has been discussed:

→ Has been discussed:

→ Once you set them and store them in the grid they will be highlighted in the detailed and overview waveform.

→ What library section in djay are you using? What tool are you using to edit the metadata?

Feel free to add comments in the corresponding threads. Let me know if you have any other questions/requests.

Cheers, G

Wow, thank you for such fast and detailed response, Guillermo.
Some threads I’ve seen, some are new for me. Will check them. And will wait for discussed improvements in browser in new versions. We need them very much.

Saved loops are not highlighted in overview waveform… May be I do need to turn it on somewere?

Refresh library - I use only My library: downloaded tracks, analyzed and prepared in Mixed in Key, and allocated to playlists.
After making changes in tags I close Mixed in key, pressing “Refresh library” and see no changes. Manual said that “Refresh Library checks if there are any changes since the library database was last opened.”, so I suppose those changes are valid to show.

Persistent filters request is not the same as request for persisent sorting and position of playlists.
Simply speaking, if I set some kind of sorting for tracks in one playlist and switch to another playlist I’m getting the same sorting column. But playlists are differ not only by name. Some playlists need to stay unsorted, some need sorting by Date Added, some by BPM, e.t.c…
I would like to see each playlist to store sorting column and active position in it.

→ Are you referring to a My Collection (djay logo) playlist? Could you please explain a scenario where you’d use that? Would it not be easier to use the library for this?

Scenario is plain, logical and obvious, I have a track in the deck, which I would like to put into the playlist. Why I need to use “search my collection” and type in some letters if I can simply drag this track on the screen?
I haven’t found thread, discussing it. Drag and drop should work both ways, it’s perfectly normal :slight_smile:

This one was never discussed and it’s big improvement to the smart playlist. It’s Match on steroids :slight_smile: I can explain benefits in details or creatr separate thread for it. Because I suppose it can be big plus and very exclusive feature for djay Pro

Handling of local tracks and their tags also much needed feature on MacOS

Hi @Mikhail_Kapyrin, Thanks for your post. Just trying to keep things tidy on our Community, so I moved your post over to your already existing thread since the other thread you posted this comment on is a specific bug report for djay for iOS regarding a different feature. Thanks for all of your feedback and helping to make djay better!

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More (almost a decade old!) browser suggestions here: Advanced searching / library management

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