Match songs improvements

Hi Djay Pro AI Staff

First of all, thank you for the great job done on the upgrade to version 5.

I would like to suggest improvements, which I think are fundamental, regarding the song suggestion tool.

The suggestion function is amazing, but it is not flexible enough.

When you have many songs and they are of different genres it is very difficult to choose songs from the list of suggested songs. It is impossible to remember all the genres of the songs and it is very common to find songs with the same name but different genres.

It is necessary to have more options to filter the results in the list of matching songs, for example, choose lists or folders that you want to include or exclude in the list of results, only list songs with the same genre, same year (or range), same bpm (or range) …

This improvement is fundamental, I think, and I also think that this improvement is a differential factor with other software.

I would ask you to seriously consider this.

Comrades, let’s vote for this improvement, it will make our life infinitely easier.

thanks in advance

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