MIDI (but not audio) connection to Controller is lost when iPad suspends--have to relaunch app to recover.

iPad Pro (11-inch) 3rd generation, running iOS 15.0.2 (but happened in iOS 14 as well). Using the official apple av multimedia usb-c connector/hub (the white one with with HDMI, usb, usb-c power connections). Reloop Mixtour.

When the iPad screen shuts-off and the iPad goes into sleep/suspend mode upon waking it up again the MIDI connection to the Mixtour is almost always lost (but not 100% repro), note that the audio/soundcard connection over the same usb cable DOES still work (I’ve never seen it not re-connect).

I have to close and relaunch djay pro ai to recover and get the MIDI part of the controller to work again.

This is extremely annoying, made worse by the fact that djay on iOS doesn’t restore many of its settings between launches (effects settings, pitch mode, etc…)

This is the same with the Rane One Controller…

The only workaround is to set your iPad screen Auto Lock to “never”

I too wish that the App remembered it’s last settings upon restart…

perharps it would be better if Djay add the ‘no sleep’ feature as an option (some apps have this option).

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That could be a user option perhaps, but certainly is not the ideal solution. I leave my equipment set up all the time and have it set to sleep off after 2-15 minutes of inactivity depending on whether I have it connected to power…I use my dj setup off grid at a cabin often with no 120V power supply available-- just a small solar system, and not suspending would kill the iPad battery when it is unplugged. And if I’m just working on setting cue points I expect to be able to leave the system and come back to it later in the same state. if I didn’t want the iPad to sleep I would set it up that way in the iOS settings. Algoriddim should understand and fix the underlying MIDI device reconnect bug and have it behave like a proper iOS app before considering a fairly brute-force workaround the doesn’t actually solve the underlying problem.

Hi @serotonic, Thanks for bringing this to our attention and our sincere apologies for the delay in responding on this thread.

Our team is currently gathering more details from you via email to be able to reproduce the MIDI connection issue you’ve described, and we’ll also keep this thread updated when we have any new updates to share.