MIDI clock out (without Ableton Link)

I use a hardware synth (Korg Minilogue xd) to play chords over some techno tracks I play in DJ Pro AI. To make sure the Korg follows the song tempo, I need to also run Ableton on my Mac. Current setup: DJ Pro sends BPM to Ableton via LINK, Ableton sends MIDI OUT via USB to Korg.

Can we cut out the middle man and send MIDI OUT to a USB port from DJ Pro?


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Hi @Sergey_Snegirev,

Thanks for the suggestion!

I’ll be sure to pass this along to our dev team for further review.

Have a good day!

Yes! This is an essential feature for performance DJs! I’d love MIDI clock ability and, after seeing many past forum discussions here, it seems to be a popular request.

It’s no wonder because lots of DJs want to add drum machines and synths to their setup to add unusual and interesting sound sources in sync to their tracks.

I’m setting up a Korg Volca kit with drums, bass, and sample modules to add rhythm and arp movement to my DJ sets. But it has to be slaved to DJ software as the master. If I could easily get MIDI clock from djay, then I could sync the rest up.

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I voted because it is a useful feature.

I use an app called Link to Midi on my iPad. You can use a usb to midi cable with it. My mixer’s fx unit receives midi clock and this works like I need.

But having djay do it without using a middleman would be better.