midi learn on iPad

There are a slew of controllers I wish were supported (faderfox in particular), midi learn for iPad would make that possible! Another approach if midi learn on ipad will never happen, would be to create midi mapping on OSX and transfer a config file over.

I do feel like support for more midi controllers is necessary, Numark iDJ Live doesn’t even have 3 band eq!

WEJ looks ultimate!

check WEGO3 for a MIDI map…



SteNight, option one is smart, good call. Option 3 is to give up and go back to laptop DJAY/VJAY…

Any update on this? I just picked up a Reloop Beatpad, and have managed to remap some of the functions in Djay Pro (to allow me to make use of the Queue, in Library preview, etc) to mirror what is possible with the Beatpad 2, but would love to be be able to do the same with Djay 2 running on my iPad Air (e.g. not map a whole new controller, just tweak the existing mapping).

+1 for Midi learn!

Would seriously love to personalize the existing mapping for Numark Mixdeck Quad.

If implemented, this feature will solve many many of the requests in these forums, you know… just map it !

Pioneer mixers aren’t class compliant audio cards so no chance to see it working on an iOS device unless Pioneer itself creates an app that incorporates the audio card driver. If you want a class compliant audio mixer I suggest you either the Rane 57mkii or the the Mixars Duo. And de if any day Algoriddim adds external mixer routing you won’t even needn’t a mapping as it will just route audio on each channel and let you use analog EQs/filters.

See here my feature request for external audio routing mode :

You can vote for it if you’re interested.


Steve that doesn’t make sense. They’re currently allowing to use unofficially supported devices through iTunes transfer. Why wouldn’t they allow us to customize the mapping for the ones which are actually supported ?

I think I know the app you’re talking about and totally agree with the comments on it, I’d add I hardly understand the subscription pricing model it offers, which I believe doesn’t make sense for the typically occasional use case of a DJing app on an iOS device.

Now if we turn back to Djay, I still don’t get how the ability of customizing the mapping of an already supported controller is putting in question the business model. Serato which is the king of these kind of business models is itself allowing to remap the buttons of supported controllers. Doesn’t it ?

As iCloud is already supported under the hood ,sharing the MIDI mapping files with the Mac OS X version should be not that difficult. This instead of workarounds that I read about in combination with Jailbreaking the iPad and added the mapping files that way the iPad app (I don’t like that).

It think there are many people are willing to buy both Mac OS X version and the iPad version when this kind of feature is added.

I only can imagine this is not done, because of some kind of deal with hardware vendors currently supported. But lets stay positive and hope that this will be supported in the near future, though it was not added in V2 of the iPad app which I just bought.

Most people don’t realise you *can* create .djayMidiMapping XML files (either with djay Pro on Mac/PC, or manually in a text editor) and transfer them to your iPad to enable custom MIDI mappings. I’ve done it with a bunch of controllers for both djay 2 and djay pro on iPad and it works great!

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I have the VU LEDs mapped for my controller. Use ‘turntable1.monoMeter’. there’s also a progress meter: ‘turntable1.display.songProgress’

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Guy: you can export the .djayMidiMapping file from djay pro for Mac, and import it to your iPad to make it work with the iPad.

Funny: I just picked up a Mixtour over the weekend, and was thinking about doing the same (remapping a few controls). It sounds like the default internal mapping is overriding your custom map. What do you name the mapping file Pretty sure the name shouldn’t matter, as I have .djayMidiMapping files for other controllers with all sorts of strange names (“controller-four-deck-mapping.djayMidiMapping” for example) and they all work perfectly on my iPad. I’ll have a play with my Mixtour mapping later tonight and let you know.

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I do, though have an incomplete .djayMidiMapping article up on my site, but this doesn’t answer your issue. https://irumble.com/djaymidimapping

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what are you talking about modifying .ipa files? Can’t you just load the.djayMidiMapping file into iTunes like Darren’s instructions? https://d2r1vs3d9006ap.cloudfront.net…

Ohhhh. of course! the default internal mapping overrides the custom .djayMidiMapping file. Ugh! (My bad!)

This is the holy grail for me. To be able to play out with Djay2 on my ipad, driving with my VCI-380 - oooooohhhhhhhhhh…

I’ve used djay 2 repeatedly for long sets (5-6 hours in a go) at several private parties so far this summer, mostly with a Numark iDJ Pro…no issues noted, so I’m confident its stable.