midi learn on iPad

I don’t have a Mac, so I’m having to manually edit midi files, taking a working djay mapping and hacking it about to map to my Faderfox DJ44 (a beautiful controller btw).

I’ve only attempted mapping one deck, simply because it takes time! I’ve created the mapping file, and popped it into the filesharing part of djay 2 for my iPad…however unfortunately it doesn’t read the mapping file and instantly displays the ‘unsupported midi device’ error when starting djay. None of the controls can be triggered via the DJ44 so I’m guessing something’s wrong with the mapping.

I think I have the endpointName set correctly (to Faderfox DJ44), the filename is named Faderfox_DJ44.djayMidiMapping…the thing I’m wondering is whether the USBID tag at the top has to be a specific ID for the controller?

Is this the VID/PID of the controller? In which case it’s very short…not the usual 9 characters you see in this tag for midimappings. Does anyone else have a DJ44 that they could upload even just the basic of mappings for so that I can edit?

In-app mapping would be so much easier!

The controller and same cable work with DJ Player Pro & also a MIDI Monitor app I’ve got. Must be down to the way djay is reading the mapping file or something in the mapping file isn’t right.

The controller is USB Class Compliant & doesn’t draw too much power, so no USB hub needed. Connected directly using CCK.

I managed to get it working by ‘borrowing’ someone else’s extensive mapping.
The trick is to edit the mapping using notepad (not wordpad) and don’t go hacking too much at any time, use replacements or copy/paste within the file…otherwise djay on iOS doesn’t recognise the file.

I’ve uploaded a work-in-progress mapping here;

Still some more work to do on loops.

Does anyone know how to map the LEDs for VUs etc, has anyone got an example mapping that I could ‘borrow’ a bit from?

…an alternative to in-app midi mapping would be to release a desktop app, like Rekordbox have done recently to allow mapping on Mac/PC for import. Hacking a text file is time-consuming and fragile!

The mapping is coming along slowly, but nicely…need to work on the loop bits.
My main issue is trying to get the VU LEDs mapped…however I think this is a common complaint even if you’re mapping via the Mac app.

If anyone has a mapping where you have got the VU LEDs or even if you’ve got an official Algoriddim mapping that I could refer to that would be grand! I know that Warren (Algoriddim support) has dropboxed mappings before…here’s hoping.

Have you mapped any controllers with VU LEDs? I’ve gone thru the laborious notepad approach to map my Faderfox DJ44 but can’t work out what the tags are for the VU LEDs. If you have an example, could you share please? Otherwise I may have to go the VMWare route which sounds equally horrendous!

Agreed, Steve. If anytime is looking to DJ with iOS on any USB Class compliant controller, djay / djay 2 / djay Pro will not be the best app for you. Look elsewhere…another pro-level app allows user-based mapping to midi devices and is rock solid, with some pre-baked mapping’s in place, but nothing stopping you amending them (in-app) to best fit your needs. The reason this works is that the app developer has no tie-in with hardware manufacturers. So their app name never appears on official documentation, press release or branding & they get no money as a result of pairing exclusivity.

It is a great shame Algoriddim won’t open this up, but I doubt they lose much custom as a result of not doing so.

MIDI learn is very necessary.

Now that spotify has been integrated (congrats algoriddim), opening up the software for people with other controllers should be the next big project. This would also allow customization of currently working controllers like the idj pro, something I’ve been missing.

Dear Steve, can you please tell me how the file should be named? I tried with mixon reloop 4 and had no luck. The file is named: Reloop Mixon4.djayMidiMapping - The exported one has the name: Reloop Mixon4 Edit.djayMidiMapping. Kind Regards, stefan

Hi Faku,
We’ll be sure to address all issues with the iDJ Pro. But you’re in the wrong thread.

Please how to do the transfer to iPad ?

  • But also make it possible to create a midi map in PC and then transfer the config file to Ipad.

djay ipad with midi learn will propel this app even higher in the real dj world!!! how long do we have to wait?

Hi phain,
you are the first person who uses traktor I’ve seen who isn’t complaining about this app!! I use pioneer rekordbox with xdj aero.

Have you used Djay for a full dj set ? Is it stable enough for 6-8 hours dj set?

Hi phain, thanks for your reply!
I also took it out to my club in it’s old form (even before any controller was added). It also worked for me, but the output was terrible back then. The new update is cool. I want to ditch rekordbox (cos pioneer are not good at apps!! ) Then use it 5-6 nights a week at work, every night. I wish algoriddim would listen to the real djs. I want to use it with my controller. I’m not fussed about using it with spotify! That’s a gimmicky trick for guys sat in the office.

This could re write djing + iPad rules…if they open it up more.

Im getting all my djay mates on the vote!! We all want it…

I’m getting all my dj mates who use the app to vote!! …can u help too?

My wish is to use/ map Djay with pioneer xdj aero!!

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MIDI LEARN - are we dreaming?.


alot of people are asking for midi learn for the djay ipad app.

will it happen?

or will it never happen ?


Hi plain!
I got the z1 controller for traktor! It’s pretty awesome!! Very cost effective compared to my pioneer set ups. I’m trying it on my third club night in a row tonight. There’s a bit of a learning curve as I play all styles of music, so u have to manipulate the master tempo and efx to do drastic tempo changes…but so far so good!! I had the app when it first came out but wasn’t sure, but now after a major play with it I’m into it ! Thanks .

i wish djay would hurry up with midi learn (before I decide to sell my aero and go completely z1…)