MIDI Mapping file for Numark Mixtrack Pro 2 (djay for Mac)

I have mapped the main functions but it would be nice to have everything properly supported. No lights on the controller etc.

Native support for the Numark Mixtrack II and Mixtrack Pro II was added in djay Pro:

Hi Damien,

We generally do not talk about any future plans.

Here’s a MIDI mapping for Mixtrack Pro II though (made by another user).

Hi Paulo,

Sorry I just realized that you meant djay for iPad and not Mac.

Only the Mac version supports MIDI mapping.

Hi Dan,

Please see my initial reply above and download the mapping file for your Mixtrack Pro 2. After downloading, remove the “.txt” file extension and double-click on it to add it to djay.

Please download the mapping file above to compare your mappings.

Try lowering the volume of the mic or make sure that it’s not pointing towards the speakers.

Try the following:

  • move all Mixtrack Pro 2 mapping files to e.g. your Desktop from: /Music/djay/MIDI Mappings
  • download the file above and remove the .txt file extension
  • move the new mapping file to the same folder mentioned above

Try enabling “MIDI Out” in the “Advanced” options to control the LED lights.

In the configuration window, try pressing the “SHIFT” + to map to a new function.

The Mixtrack Pro 2 is not natively supported at the moment, so you need to do map it manually.

You can download the MIDI mapping file above and double-click on it to add it to djay.

It wasn’t our file. Here you go: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hdpmi03hsup…

Hi Katrina,

The Mixtrack Pro 2 is not natively supported at the moment, but you can download a mapping file here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1…

Does not work anymore.

Tried with custom mappings for a MIDI controller that’s not supported natively:

At first, it works perfectly. And then, app probably checks if it’s supported or not and just stops working with beutiful message “The MIDI device XXX is not supported”.

This is so annoying. The hardware is working 100%, tested MIDI messages with MIDI monitoring apps, all is functioning properly. But djay app is limiting this.

I’m pretty much sure I’m never going to buy any of their ‘supported’ controller toys. Especially now when I saw this limitation with my own eyes.

AKAI LPD-8 with camera connection kit.

write me at juwansome@gmail.com about Djay for iPad, cheers!

Guess what, great news of iOS 7 users, iPad does not need to be jailbroken! Just copy the mapping to Djay file sharing in iTunes. (Click on the iPad in iTunes and then the apps tab, and scroll down to file sharing, select Djay from the list, and drag and drop the midi file there, no jailbreak required)

@rvision I am currently using a non-supported MIDI controller with djay for iPad, latest iOS and latest version of djay, and everything is still working perfectly!

What controller are you using? I should also point out that I’m using a Vestax V-Midi adapter in between my iPad and my MIDI controller (to power both devices and also to route the audio through the dock connector to my powered speakers/headphones) and this might be the reason why it is still working. Are you using an Apple Camera Kit USB adapter for your set up? I will try that method also so see if it still works…

With the Apple CCK I do get the same warning message, but the controller continues to work, I’m using a Pioneer DDJ-SP1. I mapped it in djay for mac, and copied the map to djay for iPad using iTunes App File Sharing :slight_smile:

Try this one mate:


Many thanks Warren.