MIDI Mapping LED Feedback on Repeated Toggles with Looper using SmartPad Ableton Controller

Is there a way to send subsequent MIDI out messages for LED feedback when toggling on and off Loops? Currently, MIDI Out settings from djay only work once so that the LEDs don’t change after the first press to update when loops are on or off.

I’m using MIDIPLUS SmartPAD (an 8x8 pad Ableton controller) on Mac djay Pro AI.

I see the MIDI Out setting when mapping under the MIDI menu in djay Pro AI. This works to let me have a color appear when the mapping file loads and then turn a different color when a button is pressed. But that’s all I can get my MIDI device to do. The LED color on the button stays lit in the activation color from then on and I can’t get it change back to load color when I toggle the loop off.

My example is the pads load in columns of different colors to match the columns of Loops (cyan for Kick, blue for Perc, purple for Tops, magenta for Bass, etc). Then when I press a cyan colored Kick pad in the first column to activate a Kick loop, I want the pad to change to white and indicate the loop is on. When I press again to stop the loop (or I press a different pad from the same Kick column), I want the former loop pad to return to its original cyan color and indicate the loop is off.

djayMIDIMapping FILE
I know about the djayMIDIMapping text file that gets produced but I have no idea what to add or change in it to enable extended feedback beyond one press or otherwise to get my device LEDs to connect to djay’s status of loop activation.

Any ideas are extremely welcome because without proper LED feedback the whole endeavor is useless as I have to remember which loop out of 40 is playing by memory if I want to stop them individually.

Please check my answer in your other thread and let’s continue the discussion there: