Midi Mapping Native S4 mk2 broken with update 5.2

Just updated to 5.2 on my Mac m1 Ventura 13.6

Native instruments mixer s4 mk2 in midi mode was all mapped and working fine.

Now I have no light feedback on the buttons and also when I go into Midi edit mode to move a fader or button It does not highlight the relevant selection and even if I choose the relevant cc button selection manually or fader any change to the function it does not take effect.

MIDI out functions are also grayed out. Which is why I presume the feedback lights don’t work anymore.

All functions previously mapped ( apart from the light feedback ) are still functioning.

Grate full for any help , I have x2 s4,s one at home and one to perform with which whilst I know not officially supported in midi mode have been brilliant.

Greatfull for any help.

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Hi @Wayne_Clark,

Sorry to hear that you’ve been encountering this issue.

I’ve reported this to our engineering team for further investigation.

Have you considered updating to macOS Sonoma 14 (if possible) to see if this resolves your issue?


Same with the Traktor Kontrol X1 mk2. All the midi out options are grayed out.

Yes updated to latest today and still the same

Hi all, in order to investigate this further could you please use snoize: MIDI Monitor and take a screenshot with the device connected and the “Sources” section expanded in MIDI Monitor so we can see the MIDI endpoints. Thanks!

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Hi everyone,

We’ve found that this issue was also shared in the thread linked below. As the other thread has had more relevant updates recently, we will not be merging this thread with that one but encourage you to view the new topic for further info. Thanks!

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