MIDI Mapping VU-meters and LED feedback in general

Could Algoriddim team or someone from the community provide some documentation, if not official reference on how to map hardware controller/mixer VU-meters on Djay ? Even if it means tweaking the mapping file with a text editor.

I could obtain results by copy-pasting from other mappings and change to my controller’s MIDI spec, but it doesn’t always work and I would like to understand the the logic fully.

More generally, some documentation on how to map LED feedback would be cool, again I tend to find my way but sometimes there are some headaches.

As far as I know midi mapping the VU meters is not supported. I asked the question about a year ago when I moved over from Traktor. I’m happy to be corrected if it’s changed since then.

Hi @jayneural,

@Archiesbald is correct, at this time VU meters (LED Feedback) are not MIDI mappable in djay.

I will pass this along to our dev team though as a feature request for further consideration!

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Thank you @NathanielAlgo. I’m actually trying to map the Pioneer DDJ Rev1. I’m not far from something pretty usable.

My only difficulties are :

  • those Vu-meter LEDs,
  • the 3 FX selection buttons per side which are supposed to be lit either alternatively or in parallel when pressed together. Otherwise, could easily map the 4 decks + Neural Mix.
  • tracking feature does not seem to be present/mappable.

Transform is mapped right in the hardware and sends messages that move the line faders to cut, so no problem there.

However the tracking mode isn’t hardware controlled, I guess it would require Algoriddim to implement the scratch patterns in the software and provide a mapping entry.

I know you have some similar feature with SHIFT+scratch, so maybe it could be cool to provide more patterns and mappings for them to get a similar feature. I see you added some scratch courses. It’d make sense to add some of these scratching helper tools.

Hi @jayneural,

Please note that these are the three features of the REV1 that are not currently manually mappable.

Our team is working on a solution for this and I will update this thread when there is new information to present!