Migration from Ipad to Ipad

I have upgraded my ipad and tried to copy everything over.
When I go into DJay I can see my file /folder structure (identical to old) but all tracks are greyed out!
Is there a way to “re sync/find missing” on the ipad?
DOn’t really want to have to add everything again!!!

I’m not 100%, but Djay may be looking for music that may not be in your new iPad.
Did you check Apple Music to see if you can play those songs within Apple Music?
Check if the iCloud Download symbol is next to your song?

These are all imported via folders / files (in files app) and so no link to Apple Music!

I’m pretty sure that you have to re-link the files / folders for them to reappear.

Something similar here.

Bit of a faff but I’m not aware of a quicker / easier method but someone may jump in and prove me wrong….:crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:

I’ve just upgraded to a new iPhone and had to relink and I’m sure I remember having to go through the process last year when I upgraded the iPad.


Ok Andy,
In case this helps for future thinking, Most of my music didn’t come from Apple.
By syncing with iTunes via my Mac, my music shows up in the Music App on iOS.

I know most of you don’t use this method. Know that grey outs do happen, but easily fixable.

What are the benefits of Files if I may ask?

You have to sync twice. One after the other, repeat exactly the same procedure as the first time again.

The first time it adds the titles of the tracks (but they appear greyed out), the second time it actually copies the tracks over. If you watch a folder on the device in itunes you’ll actually see the tracks turning from greyed out during the second sync (when it always copies 100s more tracks back than it should need to).

It’s a major time-consuming nuisance but you have to sync, then sync again every time you add even one single track to the library on your pc and want to transfer it to the iPad.

Sync every time, yes.
In my case, it literally takes a couple minutes.
And with Smart playlists, iTunes automatically puts the sons where I need it.
I change the info on the new song if need be, and sync wirelessly.
iTunes will only update what’s new.

DJay only analyses the new songs it finds but my itunes (on a Windows pc) doesn’t work like that. Every time I sync to add even one new tune to the iPad I have to do the sync process twice, which takes forever as it insists on doing a complete backup of the iPad (about 140 Gb content) every time before the first sync, then on the second sync it says “copying” and copies about 600 tunes (including the new ones), even if I’ve only added one tune to the library on the pc. (It’s weird, it seems to choose the tunes to copy randomly, I have about 3,500 synced to my iPad yet it always chooses about 600 to copy every time I add a tune, and I don’t think it’s the same 600 every time?).

Obviously that isn’t how it should work, but that’s how it does work. Every single time.

I think the problem is “itunes for Windows”. Apple begrudgingly make it available to Windows users (to sell us mobile devices) but they don’t really care if it works properly as they’d rather everyone use macs.

Sorry to hear that.
I would say your problem is Windows.
You are right, Apple & Windows do play nice together.
I divorced Windows years ago.
Do know that Djay was only available for Mac at first. Which is why I bought a Mac in the first place. Much faster indeed.
The Mac will only sync new items.

I’m using DJay on an iPad air, that particular problem is unrelated to DJay, it’s more about getting songs from the PC to the iPad which I’m doing using iTunes for windows.

You can’t just drag & drop one tune to the iPad, you have to open iTunes, add the song to iTunes library then sync iTunes library from pc to iPad, which insists on automatically doing a complete backup of the iPad before copying anything to it.

It’s a nuisance of a process which is all down to Apple. Why can’t they let you just drag and drop a tune to a device? I suspect because they want to force you to open iTunes, an app which tries to sell you music!

That would be because djay looks in iTunes for your music.

It’s fine once the music is on the iPad, it’s the process of transferring the music to the iPad from my PC (that I use to download music and do everything else) which is a pain.

Hi @Andy_Brinkworth, As @sooteee shared, you’d need to re-add the files/folders that are grayed out for djay to see them again on your new device. Let us know if you have any other questions, and we’ll be happy to help.

Hi @Emily ,
This does not make them visible in the playlists again though…! (Still greyed out?)
Any ideas

Hi @Andy_Brinkworth, I want to be sure I’m clear on what you’re experiencing and what you’ve done so far. So it sounds like you’ve moved to your new iPad, you have all the same music downloaded onto your new iPad using the Files app, and you’ve re-added the files to djay Pro AI in the Files library source, as shown below:

And then are you saying the tracks are still grayed out in the playlists you’ve created in the My Collection source in djay (see below)? Or are you talking about playlists in a different library source?

Probably too late now but you should have backed up the old iPad, then when you got the new iPad out of the box instead of setting up as new, “restore from backup” to clone what was on the old iPad to the new one. Would probably have worked (assuming the new iPad has at least as much disk space as the old one).

This is how I set up every new iphone I get, so it has exactly the same contents as the old one.

I thought I was the only one experiencing that weird phenomena of iTunes copying random songs every time I Sync (in Windows)

It’s weird because with my iphone and ipad 6th gen, it takes a long time to sync, up to 10 minutes sometimes, but with my iPad 5, it only takes a few minutes…
The iPad 5 is 64GB and the 6 is 128GB

Two separate issues here.

The first is that Apple forces your device to do a full backup before it even starts to copy anything, even just to sync one tune. This is a total nuisance, bur explains why a 64Gb iPad would be faster than a 128Gb iPad because there’s likely to be just more data to back up on the larger device. Mine is a 256Gb with about 130Gb of data used, that takes a while to back up, I certainly wouldn’t choose to do that before copying even a single tune over every time. I’ve searched Apple forums etc but can’t find any way you can stop it doing this.

The second issue is that when it eventually does start to copy tunes (on the 2nd sync, the first sync operation just leaves them greyed out on the device like it only copies the titles, again no idea why?) yes it randomly copies hundreds of extra songs, not just the one(s) you’ve just added.

It’s a bug and a fault with iTunes for Windows. Basically iTunes for Windows is just a rubbish piece of software that doesn’t work properly, but unfortunately still the best way we have of transferring tunes from a Windows PC to an iOS device.


Hey there - you are right.
I add a folder (or set of folders) and then analyse them.
When I go to the playlists which contain those tracks they are still grey.
If I play a track from an analysed folder this seems to make them visible and selectable again but that is not possible for my whole library as it would take ages!!

@Andy_Brinkworth, Thanks for sharing the additional information and for your patience. I’ve double-checked with our Development Team about this, and I’ll be happy to explain what’s going on here.

To give a brief explanation, when you create playlists in djay’s My Collection of tracks from various sources (e.g., Music, Files, TIDAL, etc.), the song files themselves aren’t copied, but rather djay creates a bookmark to where that file is located. Tracks will be grayed out if djay isn’t able to find the song files in the expected location. This can also happen if you move tracks to a different folder, as an example.

Since you moved to a new device entirely now, due to security restrictions imposed by iOS, the previous bookmarked locations where djay looked for the songs in those playlists are invalidated. This means that the only way to get djay to recognize you actually have the same songs on your new device, and to be sure that those songs aren’t grayed out in the My Collection playlists, you’d need to do the following:

  1. Load the songs in djay (which is the method you’ve already identified).
  2. Reimport the songs in djay by one of the two following methods:

Please note that adding a Linked Folder in the Files source will not allow djay to “see” the song files in the My Collection playlists; rather you must add individual files in the Files source using step 2 above.

My apologies that there isn’t an easier way around this at the moment. We do appreciate you bringing it to our attention as our team can understand why this process would be a bit cumbersome. We’re investigating alternative methods we may be able to implement in the future that would make this process easier. Please let me know if you have any questions. I’m happy to help.