Mixing without touching the screen...Apple keynote

What did I saw now in the keynote? When do we get this feature?
I’m pretty curious now. Does it work with the iPad Pro 3. Gen?
I really hope I can make little push’s now without touching the screen,
instead using +/- and a better pitch fader control would be awesome :sunglasses:


Um. I think it needs that new iPad.

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I didn’t know it was possible to do this!

Not yet…we have to wait for the update to come. I guess it will be with the release of the iPad Air 4

We wanted controllers because touching the screen did not feel “real” or accurate enough… needed the tactile feel of physical buttons and faders… now we don’t want to touch anything at all? Anyone else remember BEAMZ!! beamz - Yahoo Image Search Results LMAO Total gimmick IMO.

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