MIXON 8 PRO Master Volume Issues

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  • Device model *iPhone 15 Pro Max:
  • Version of operating system iOS 17.2:
  • Version of djay 5.1.6:
  • Hardware/controllers used Reloop Mixon 8 Pro


I have been getting used to the Mixon 8 Pro for the last week and I am loving it.

I have seen a lot of reviews online regarding faulty units and I have had some difficulties with he controller that I am not sure if they are caused by faulty unit or user error.

I have been getting a lot of clipping and the auto gain function seems to not work like it does when the hardware isnt plugged in. I can add headroom, but that doesnt seem like ideal fix…Is there a way to know this isnt being caused by a hard ware issue?

Also, I notice that the master volume does not produce any sound between 0- about 25%. Also not sure if this is a hardware issue?

Lastly, the 3 band eq does not seem to fully kill the sound. I have the eq set to normal eq (not neural mix) and turning the 3 nobs all the way down does not fully kill the sound.

In short, should I return my unit for a different one or could this all be user error or software based?

I still have a week to return at Guitar Center and want to make sure I dont make a mistake

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Can you show these settings please on your iPhone with Djay Pro

Setting eq to isolate will give you full kill

If you set djay pro to auto gain and then turn gain knobs yourself you will get weird drops in sound. I did also with Mixon 8. I leave auto gain on and don’t touch gains. Djay pro does a very good job at detecting gains and adjusting as needed.


Thanks for the eq fix! I had it on classic.

These are my current settings. Only thing I changed was eq

Here you can see audio playing in both channels but nothing from master despite nob at 25%.

Is this where I should leave the gain nobs?

Thanks again

Have your gains to 11 o’clock not 12 o’clock.

Show us your djay pro settings. Like mine.

Your booth output knob is turned fully to right. Have you got your speakers in booth or master out?

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Speakers are plugged into master. Nothing into booth.

Right at bottom try putting “output headroom” to 6db. Turn gains down to 10 am or 11am. Turn master volume up.

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I’m just wondering why no output between 0% and the first dot on master volume. Possible hardware issue?


Not necessarily. In settings turn auto gain off. Turn your gains down low and turn master up to find sweet spot. Turn auto gain on.

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Sorry guys, but also had a mixon 8 Pro and I had only trouble with the sound. Terrible sound while using the neural mix and crashes if I try to change the channels to my MacBook. It was a desaster, trust me. I had the chance to change the mixon 8 pro into a Pioneer DDJ FLX10 and thos Unit guys is awsome. Greate Sound, look and feel also much better and higher then the reloop. And the best thing is, the Pioneer is only 400€ more expensive. I LOVE MY FLX10.


I really considered the FLX 10, but I only use djay. Felt like since the mixon was officially supported I should try that. I’ve been using it for a week and have grown really fond of the 4 channel paddle effects. I have @Slak_Jaw custom MiDI mapping for it and it helps with stems for sure.
How is the FLX 10 with djay? I know there’s an unofficial midi map available. Seems like the jog displays don’t work at all on iOS. I think the sound is better now on the mixon after some tweaks as above and letting auto gain do all the work.l will have to test it with some louder speakers however.


Nice one. Pleased you got it sorted. I love my Mixon 8 also as it’s probably the best controller right now to work with djay pro. There have been some with issues inc me but many more without any issues.

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Yes u are right, the jog-display doesen‘t work yet under IOS but eveything else is working good. U can also mapp eberything on your own if something is needed. And dont‘t forget the pioneer got the best mixer working standalone and the mixon 8 pro is only software based.

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What’s the point of having the best controller if the sound isn’t good and you have no security? I was so nervous after I noticed that at the gig. Unfortunately you can only hear it when you turn it up properly. At home everything was great for me too🤣

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and algoriddim has promised that they are already programming the flx10.

See post from slak_jaw

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I didn’t get any sound issues with mine. Only sticking pads, which were resolved quite easily and jog wheel sticking, which has gone back to be repaired or replaced. If I was to change I’d probably go with Rane One right now as it’s spread out more with simplistic layout and the best for scratching. I do like the flx 10 but it’s too clumped together. My big hands won’t like it so much. Not sure how the hardware effects will get integrated either. If it does and I say it as there are no promises integrated with hybrid style, hardware combo with software do can utilise both it might be worth considering. Mean time I’m waiting to hear about my Mixon 8.

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Nice work @Dysfunk_DJ. Thanks for your help one this one! Very nicely explained.

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What kind of behavior should I notice if jog wheel is sticking?

The pads felt a little sticky when I first got it too (zero click) but I figured they were supposed to be this way.

As a relatively new dj (when it comes to hardware at least) it’s hard to know if my device is faulty

Along those same lines, how easy is it to get reloop to replace or fix any issues if they come down the line? Just trying to figure this all out before return period ends.

You guys rock

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The pads was a relatively easy thing to solve although at the time did create anxiety. I rubbed around the edges of the pad and that seemed to free them up. Now on Reloop website there is a segment on exactly this - pads sticking and how to free them up. Reloop believes it’s down to when the unit is in transportation the pads then need resetting or some of them do. This is done by gently rubbing around the pad.

The jog wheel is completely something else. It was sticking, not spinning as free as the left and when moving around was making a grinding noise like bearing had gone or something. Was happening linked to software or not, so defo hardware issue.

I had issues which is on another post , I didn’t get another 1 , bought a ready reloop , this is mainly jus recording mashups wen in bed and preparing sets, i use my flx 10 for mixing and going live on fb , I don’t use djay pro with flx 10 , not until it’s supported , but will do when it is , I use rekordbox at the moment ,

no problems with reloop ready , had the controller a month

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I was able to do some more testing today and even with auto gain on, I’m still getting a lot of clipping when master volume is set to 100%. I have a smaller DDJ SB3 and this unit doesn’t clip when volume is at 100% playing the same track in djay on same speakers. Also noticed if I’m plugged into the mixon with my iPhone and playing music from “Music” in iOS I will also get clipping at high volumee, issue is not only from within djay.

Only way I can get the mixon to behave similarly to my SB3 is if I add 6dB of headroom.

I will say, the overall volume does sound audibly louder when the clipping occurs on the mixon. As in 100% on the mixon sounds louder than 100% on the SB3.