Mixtour PRO - tempo on browse encoder

Hey everyone!

I wanted to share some mapping changes for my brand Reloop Mixtour PRO.

I’ve configured the Browse encoder to control the tempo by switching Seek to Tempo in the mapping settings and adjusting the encoder sensitivity. Now, when I press and hold the Mode button for the correct deck, I can smoothly adjust the tempo of the track.

However, I’ve encountered a problem. When the deck is in a loop, the same combination triggers manual loop shortening instead. I removed the mapping positions responsible for loop shortening, but unfortunately, Djay doesn’t respond to the encoder when in a loop. Now, the loop doesn’t shorten but the tempo also doesn’t change. Everything works as planned when I exit the loop, but when I’m in a loop, I can’t adjust the tempo. This is crucial for me as I often mix at different tempos.

Any suggestions or insights would be greatly appreciated!

  • Device model Macbook Air M2
  • Version of operating system macOS 14.4.1
  • Version of djay 5.2
  • Hardware/controllers used Reloop Mixtour PRO:

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Hi @Michal_Ciaston, sorry for the delayed response. I don’t yet have access to a Reloop Mixtour Pro to check myself so I have passed this onto the engineering team to see if they can offer any suggestions. I’ll report back when I have news. Thanks!

Hi @Michal_Ciaston, since you have already deleted the loop mapping, please start by first resetting to the built-in factory mapping. Once you have the factory built-in mapping back, instead of removing the loop mapping you should change the mapping to tempo in the mapping settings, then it should work.

How do I midi map this option to use mode + Browse mode button to up and down BPM ?
Are there specific advanced options to change in the midi menu ?

Hi @Djaxeman, this unfortunately is not user mappable within the MIDI Learn tool. This is coded into the XML file by the engineers.

Is this already implemented in the pro mixtour yet through reloop themselves ?

Yes, that is correct.

So you mean that the up and down bpm with browse button is standard on the mixtour pro ?

@Djaxeman, holding MODE+ SHIFT+ Play/Pause will increase the BPM and holding MODE+ SHIFT+ Cue will decrease the BPM. This is standard on the Reloop Mixtour Pro. You can see Laidback Luke demo this at around 9:10 in the video linked below.


I checked it but there is no bpm up and down with this option only play fast forward or back?

I know that this is the option of laidback Luke but is little bit too difficult . I mean its not handy
So I thought the option with mode plus browse is easier to up and down bpm but it does not work
Only is it does play fast forward or backwards

When I look I see jog seek

Hi @Djaxeman, I don’t have access to this hardware yet, but you could try making a copy of the Built-in MIDI Mapping and changing it to the way you want within the MIDI Learn tool of djay.