Will we be able to see 4 decks anytime in the near future? this app would be 10x better than it already is. Would love to see 4 decks at most

Sound Trends’ meta.DJ impressive in that regard.
A shame that this app seems no longer updated.


“Instant Samples” are coming in the next update. It was featured in “Freeze’s” showcase video.

There will be a number of pre-installed samples, with the option of selecting some from iTunes.




djay for iPad - I meant to include, sorry.


What he said ^^ :slight_smile:

Support for 4 decks was added in djay Pro:

Hi Juan,

We currently have no plans for this but I submitted a feature request for you.

Yes, that’s right. You just need the lightning to 30-pin adapter. However, you won’t be able to close the lid.

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3 virtual turntables - an extra pre cue possibility.

Is there any change for having 3 virtual turn tables instead of 2? Playing life it would be great to have another pre cue possibility, I think it gives some more peace in mind to prepare more then one song in advance


I just gave some feedback and they told me to come here and post it into the forum to see if people agree. I think a quad deck system would be amazing, especially with the simplicity of the software you guys have, not that 4 decks are needed, but it makes some maneuvers much simple, so in some aspects it would be making Djay somehow even easier to use easier to use.

I also think that Djay had finally earned 4 decks. It would also be nice if you could program a key command to reset the pitch again. The sampler should be designed so that you can play all audio files including simple syncronisation. The loop should display in the track window separately find a place, to ensure that there is always the Beat Loop display in mind. The waveforms should please, please can be displayed in spectral colors of the software and it should please even Aux inputs are inflicted with EQ control to sometimes integrate with other audio sources.

It would also be nice if the waveform display, as well as serato, could also display in vertical form.

Otherwise, this DJ software is the “best DJ software”, you can get a Mac.

DJ for remote control for Ipad and Iphone be said briefly, “please, please, quickly revised the software interface!” First time you should be able to see the Jog Wheel on display throughout to ensure a precise track control. secondly, a pitch control with pitch reset button to be programmed. Perhaps you could just take over the layout of djay for the ipad. It would also be great if you djay for ipad midi controller could therefore also be used for other dj software.

Would be very happy if you would consider these suggestions for improvement in the next updates.

In advance thank you in advance

I agree… I love to blend so four decks would be amazing for djay

Please add 4 decks to this app…it would make it just perfect

Maybe some sound effects…that would be good… Samples would be great though

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When will we see more decks for djay.

I hope so

yeah with 4 decks i’d take this app more seriously…

Maybe do what traktor did and include four decks, but make it so that you can switch among multiple types of decks. You could have a deck with a 4x4 grid of audio/midi clips that’d work kinda like an MPC (except you could set them to loop continuously), or a deck using the looptastic idea (an algoriddim/sound trends collar would be EPIC!). The possibilities could be endless!


Djay technically has samples - press the round button with a 3x3 grid of squares on it (it’s between the FX/Cue/Loop/Skipping) to open the sample interface. It has six slots (but no ability to have samples loop like in Djay 3)

Why not expand the four-deck idea? Give us not only four track decks, but also give us the ability to switch out any of those track decks for a different deck. Take Traktor, for example. With Traktor, you have the ability to switch out any of the track decks for either a live input or a remix deck, which is very Ableton like in design. Djay could take this a step further. Live inputs would likely be very easy to set up with Djay, since Algoriddim is essentially the Apple of DJ Software. Remix decks would be where they’d really shine by making them into true powerhouses for live remixing. With the ableton-style clip based Remix decks of Traktor, you can only play 4 loops at once per Remix deck. With Djay, it could be MPC like in its structure, meaning you could play all 16 at once if you so desired. Having the ability to loop samples is also a boon, since it allows the live-remixer to focus on other things. Another boon would be the ability to load MIDI files onto the sample slots to give you the ability to control instruments from your DJ software. The MIDI routing would, again, be easy, given Algoriddim’s Apple-esque approach to developing products. Another option would be to partner with Sound Trends, another innovative music app developer, to put Looptastic decks into the software.
Now, one thing that must be done in order to make four decks work is to provide a universal BPM clock, this wouldn’t matter too much, as the idea behind it is fairly simple - the tracks sync to the clock instead of another track. This could also be expanded to make Djay even more powerful. If you give the clock the ability to send out MIDI, you can use it to sync things like external instruments and other software, like Native Instruments Maschine. Think about it, the ability to use the world’s premier groove sequencer with the world’s easiest to use DJ software? Talk about a killer combo!
Another plus to the whole idea of adding things like remix tools and extra decks is that it’d keep Djay from losing users who’ve advanced their techniques beyond what Djay can provide. I’m getting pretty close to switching to Traktor because it offers more features and is much more useful for what I’m planning on doing, and there’s probably more people out there who are like me and are getting close switching or already have! Add these features, and these people are very likely to stay or return.