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I’ve used Djay for several years on my iMac, together with first a Vestax Spin and recently a Pioneer DDJ400. I’m now planning to switch to an iPad Pro or a Macbook Air to improve mobility.

After some research I still have some questions:

  • Is it correct that the free version of Djay for iPad does not have headphone pre-cueing?
  • I previously bought Djay Pro 2 for Mac; this unlocked some essential features (including headphone pre-cueing) when downloading the latest version (on my iMac). Are these features also unlocked if I would install Djay on the new iPad?
  • In the iPad version, is there a way to analyze the library like in the iMac version?
  • I read somewhere that the iPad version is missing a search function to search through mp3-files on an external hard drive. Is that correct? If so, is that a feature that could be added to a future update?

If the answer to the above questions is ‘no’, the only thing left is buying a Macbook Air or maybe having a Pro subscription. Or am I missing something?

Thanks for your help,

Niek De Witte


  1. The free version of djay iOS has NO headphone pre-cueing:
  2. djay Pro 2 for macOS was a separate purchase from the iOS version. So unless you paid for both this won’t work.
  3. You can analyze an entire Playlist at a time, so you just need to have one playlist that contains your entire library.
  4. That is correct. Searching via Files on external drives is not currently possible. This feature has been requested and you can Vote for it here: Please add iOS Search on External Drives
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Hi @Slak_Jaw,

Thanks for your reply. You really helped me a lot in deciding on what to buy.
Now I’m definitely going for the Macbook :+1:

Best regards,

Niek De Witte

You’re welcome @Niek_De_Witte, happy to help!

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